Talking Through Cancer

Available on our Optimum products and Trust schemes

Often, a cancer diagnosis is a big shock. That’s why Talking Through Cancer is on hand to support your clients’ employees and their loved ones throughout their cancer journey and beyond. Working with a third party clinical provider with a thorough knowledge of the different experiences people go through when living with cancer, the team of specialist cancer therapists will help them work through the emotional ups and downs. They’ll offer compassionate support and practical techniques to help them feel more grounded at a time when life may seem out of control.*

Expert mental health support to help your clients' employees every step of the way

Access to support from specialist cancer therapists

Your clients’ employees don’t need a GP referral before making a claim.

Support for your clients’ employees and up to 4 loved ones

The specialist therapists don’t just support the person who receives the diagnosis, they’ll be there for their family and friends too, even if they are not included on your clients’ cover.

Clinical programme of therapy tailored to individual needs

Therapists will agree the most appropriate support for your clients’ employees from a range of therapy options designed to specifically support people with cancer, their family and loved ones.

Specialist support for children from the age of 5

We offer specialist support for children too.

*This service is available to clients with an Optimum, Optimum Referral or Trust scheme. It's available to your clients' employees who have cancer cover on their scheme and an eligible cancer claim. 

Talking Through Cancer is just one part of our cancer offering, for more information see our Cancer Enhancements page.

For more information on this service please read our Employer Cancer Brochure for our large corporate schemes.