Challenging times – what support is available for you?

We know it’s tough out there at the moment. Increased inflation, supply chain disruption, new regulations and that’s without the added pressure of everything costing more. But we also know over the years, we’ve shown resilience and overcome a number of challenges together. That’s why we wanted to let you know we’re here for you.

As our trusted business partners, we have a variety of support tools to help you and your clients during this time. To make it easy for you to see what’s available, we’ve put these all in one place on the Aviva Broker website.

What’s available for you?

  • Recruitment – you’ve told us that it’s difficult to recruit new staff at the moment, so you’ll find some useful tips on recruiting as well as how to access our Apprenticeships scheme.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - over the last few years, brokers have been seriously considering their practical and moral obligations in relation to ESG as it’s one of the most critical issues to face businesses today – take a look at our guide to find out more.
  • Wellbeing - to help support you and your employees' wellbeing, we've gathered a selection of resources to help you look after yourself.

What’s available for your clients?

Our Risk Insights Report has told us what’s worrying businesses in the UK at the moment and we have a variety to support available to support your clients:

  • Cost of living – we can adjust policy limits and mid-term cover requirements, as well as offer flexible cover and interim payment of claims. There’s also access to risk management assistance and added-value business support.
  • Underinsurance – through the use of personalised insights and data, we can help you to identify customers who are at risk of being underinsured.
  • Current hot topics – from Cyber to  supply chain disruption, we can support your clients with these threats to their business.

Did you know?

We can also provide your commercial policy holders with access to a range of business and legal guides, document builders, interactive checklists and videos that can help them with the running of their business at no extra cost. Check out Businesslaw today.

Take a look at all of our of support resources that are available

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