New features on Fast Trade

As part of our continuous development approach, we’ve made a number of changes to the already five star rated Fast Trade platform.* Designed to create more opportunities, provide a clearer view of your client, and improve search capability, these changes should improve your experience of trading with Aviva online.

What’s new?

When you log in to Fast Trade from Monday 2 May 2022, you’ll notice some new features:

Client dashboard

  • Clearer client view - on each client, you’ll now see an improved user interface. This will make it easier for you to identify live policies, quickly view and action your current quotes, as well as being able to start a new quote directly from the dashboard.
  • Cross-sell opportunities –44% of UK businesses have made significant changes to the way they operate in recent years**, yet as little as 20% have updated their cover***. As models and operations shift, it can be difficult to understand how insurance needs to adapt. To help, we’ve introduced new functionality on Fast Trade. You’ll now see suggested additional products based on clients of a similar risk profile. These will appear as quote options in the dashboard and we’ll prepopulate some questions based on information we hold.
  • Status tags - we’ve also introduced helpful policy tags. When appropriate, these will appear above the product name on the dashboard and will let you know when a renewal is due or overdue, if a mid-term adjustment (MTA) is pending, or if there’s a cancellation pending.

Additional changes

  • Improved search functionality – we know 90% of you search by client name on Fast Trade. To help make it easier to get to where you need to go, we’ve updated the search function to be more intuitive. You’ll no longer have to set the parameters of the search. Just start typing and it’ll automatically detect what you’re looking for and show you suggested results as you type – while running some duplicate checks behind the scenes to improve accuracy.
  • Policy history – the policy history view has been refreshed to make it clear when each transaction was processed. We’ve removed the long list and condensed the view to show more clearly renewal and new business lines, with an option to see MTA transactions in more detail.

Head to Fast Trade today to check out the new features. 

Staying in front

You're at the heart of what we do. We’re always listening to your feedback and investing in changes to make your experience of trading with Aviva the best it can be. Whether it’s platform changes like these, or product developments like the recent Commercial Combined enhancement and Minifleet expansion, to our continued investment in Specialty Lines like Cyber, Management Liability and Group Personal Accident.

Our aim is to look forward and make sure our planned changes are what you need. In fact, these changes released on Fast Trade today form part of that forward-thinking approach and help pave the way for future integrations and improvements.

If you’ve any feedback you’d like to share on these changes – or more general comments about our proposition – please let us know. You can use the ‘Feedback’ button in the ‘Options’ menu on Fast Trade. Our responsibility is to listen to you and act accordingly. Please continue to let us know how we can improve and we’ll make sure we’re focussing efforts and resources to make it easier for you to place and manage business with Aviva, no matter which channel you trade on. 

* Aviva’s Fast Trade platform awarded five stars in the 2021 Insurance Times Etrade Report

** Based on research for Aviva’s 2021 Risk Insights Report

*** Based on research for Aviva’s 2020 Risk Insights Report