When a Cyber claim becomes a D&O claim: Hear from our Specialty Lines experts

When a business suffers a cyber incident, it can be hugely detrimental, not just financially but also from a reputational and brand perspective. And the repercussions can also be felt by the senior leaders in the organisation if a claim is made against them directly, in the case of a data breach for example.

Our Senior Cyber underwriter Alana Muir and Financial Lines Senior Underwriter Matthew Houghton caught up recently to discuss these links between Cyber and Management Liability claims.

Using a common example of an SME that suffers a breach, Alana talks through the incident and highlights the different points where an Aviva Cyber insurance policy would respond. Matt then goes on to talk about the impacts such an incident can have on a business further down the line if it manifests as a Corporate Legal Liability (CLL) or Directors & Officers (D&O) claim.

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