Motor Insurance Database (MID) – Service Down

The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) have failed to deliver the new platform for MID – Navigate – that was due to launch on Monday 29th April.

This has meant that Insurers, Brokers, Customers and any other users of the MID have been unable to access, to transfer policy file transactions or to add/remove vehicles from the MID.

Police forces are aware and the MIB’s Police Helpline has offered an extended service to handle calls from UK Police. Insurers can interrogate an extract of the MID as of 5pm Friday 26th April for Claims handling purposes and the Police can also access this extract.

In simple terms this means new customers or customers who have changed vehicle are not appearing on the MID database currently, but Police are aware and taking appropriate view/not enforcing.

The MIB are taking a decision on next steps on the morning of Tuesday 30th April and will communicate to Insurers in the afternoon of what this action will be.

In the meantime, you will be unable to access the MID Portal as that service is closed, or the Navigate Portal as that service is not yet open.

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