Business owners' tips for supporting future leaders

With recruitment open for the Aviva Future Leader Programme (FLP) until the end of September, we’re taking a look at some of the experiences and tips shared by the business owners who have previously sponsored a delegate from their business through the course.

Delivered over two years, our FLP uses theoretical and practical exercises to develop leadership skills. Through a blend of bi-monthly workshop events and on-line learning material and assignments, it challenges delegates to accelerate their learning in all aspects of running a business. Find out how to make the most of the programme if you’re considering nominating a delegate or putting yourself forward.

Top tip 1

Create space for your delegate to implement the ideas and learning. Not everything your delegate learns will work for your business, but enabling new ideas to be tested and refined will allow your business to find new ways of working.

Nikki brought really good ideas back and challenged the business to do different things. As a business owner, the return you get is fantastic. It will have a really positive impact on your business and on your member of staff.

Christine McLellan, Andersons & Co

Top tip 2

Share opportunities - great leaders know they can't do everything themselves. Give your delegate opportunities to share some of your workload which will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

We have to give up the time that they would be doing other things for the business, but what they then come back with is a real benefit. So you’re supporting the ideas they want to do.

Jackie Hyde, Stanmore Insurance

Top tip 3

Schedule a download meeting after each module your delegate attends. Ask them what they've been learning and how could it apply to your business. Even just 30 minutes will allow your delegate to share their learning and insight.

It’s been a big advantage to our business, Peter been on the course for a couple of years, he’s brought a lot of structure back into the business. When Peter has come back from the programme, we’ll sit and have a debrief the next day, and then we’ll implement the majority of things that have come from the course. Somethings we’ll agree with and somethings we won’t but the majority of times it’s been a real positive for the business.

Andrew Barrow, AMB Insurance

Thank you to Christine, Jackie and Andrew for sharing the benefits of being involved in the programme and sponsoring a delegate.

Applications are now open

Applications for cohort five of our FLP are open now and until the end of September. Aviva is for everyone, we're inclusive and we want to support applications from people with diverse backgrounds, all genders and experiences. If you’ve got a candidate at board level or shortly to be a board member, we’re interested in hearing from you.  

Interested in learning more?

You can find out more about the programme by speaking to your Aviva Sales Manager or visit our dedicated FLP page.

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