Helping you to quote for more Commercial Combined business

When you’re quoting for a digital product, we know it can be frustrating if it doesn’t fit the online acceptance criteria and you need to refer the risk offline to try and get a quote - especially for more complex products like Commercial Combined Insurance (CCI).

To make the offline referral process as seamless as possible, we've added new capability on Fast Trade and Acturis Etrade for CCI. If your quote can be referred offline, you’ll be able to automatically summarise the risk details in a matter of clicks, adding any supporting information and then send it off to us to have a look at.

To help you quote for more business, these referrals will be picked up by a new dedicated team of offline underwriters, based in our Digital hub in Perth.

These underwriters have a high level of CCI expertise and will work collaboratively with you to write business that may have fallen through the gap between digital and Mid-Market before.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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More about how our team works

Last year, Caren Barnett, Aviva’s Digital Strategy and Performance Manager, went into more detail about this new online to offline capability, and how we’ve enhanced our service proposition for CCI to address your demands to make it easier and more seamless to place business online. Read Caren’s blog today on Aviva Broker here.

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