It’s time to elevate your marketing with our Marketing Elevator

Have you tried our new free tool that helps you understand in what areas you can level up your marketing? The Marketing Elevator helps you to understand, assess and adapt your marketing efforts.

Current average score for brokers = 47%1

Nearly 100 brokers have already taken the step to get their score and find out how to improve with the guidance of webinars, guides and other support available on Broker Mentor. What will your score be?

We’ve also found that many of our brokers who have started their Marketing Elevator journey have common ground when it comes to their business’s Social Media and Website Design:

Social Media

  • 35% don’t use social media
  • 65% want guidance with their social media

Website Design

  • 83% have thought about redesigning their website
  • 68% aren't confident their website keeps visitors engaged
  • 91% of users want to know how to optimise their website

What’s The Marketing Elevator?

It’s a series of short surveys where you can self-assess your own marketing activity and receive a score. The results generated at the end will provide you with guidance on how to improve, helping you to grow your business.

3 easy steps

  1. Go to and sign in using your Aviva Broker log-in details
  2. Open Marketing Elevator from the Broker Mentor home page
  3. Choose a marketing activity you want to improve on and take the short survey

You’ll then quickly be able to see how you measure up against other brokers and be recommended guidance on how you can improve your marketing score.

How will this help you?

Once you’ve answered some questions, we’ll then provide useful guidance on how to improve your social media, website, email communications and much more. You’ll have a better understanding of your marketing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The results will help you see where you can better place your marketing efforts to attract new customers and retain your existing ones.

Elevate your marketing

Take the next step to level up your marketing. You can visit the Marketing Elevator tool by here

For any questions, or to find out more, please feel free to get in touch:

1Based on data from Marketing Elevator (Aug-Sep 2021)