Lost share certificates are the last thing you want to worry about

There’s no doubt that the most devastating impact of the global pandemic that we are experiencing is the terrible loss of life that it has caused, either directly or in-directly. When faced with the loss of a loved one, sorting out their possessions and estate is often one of the last things on the mind, but it can also be an added complication of concern that most could do without. It is made even more complex and worrying when financial records such as share certificates are mislaid or missing.

The problem of missing or lost shares certificates is further highlighted by the current pandemic, but it is an issue that has impacted share owners and executors for years. When share certificates that were originally issued as hard copies are missing or misplaced, the shares cannot be accessed without requesting a replacement certificate, which can be a complex process, especially if the owner is deceased.

This is where Portsoken, the latest wholesaler to be added to the Aviva Marketplace offering can help, by providing Lost Share Certificate Indemnities. Tony Gutteridge Director at Portsoken, told us about the support he and his team of specialists can provide.

“At Portsoken the most common complaint we hear is that it is difficult to find anyone to help with a lost share certificate indemnity. Especially when it often comes at a time when dealing with the loss of a loved one. In the current unprecedented times, it can even more difficult with a higher volume of estates being reviewed. We’re here to help.”

“We at Portsoken, have more than 50 years of knowledge and experience on Lost Share Certificate Indemnities which we believe is more than any other Broker or Intermediary, and we’re proud to have held a working relationship with Aviva that spans many decades.”

“We help & guide the executors (normally family) through the process every step of the way. We organise a counter indemnity or, on occasions where this is not possible, we will try to give advice and point clients in the right direction.”

“Lost Share Indemnities are clearly not something that people think they need in advance as its only taken out at the point you realise the share certificate is missing. That’s why it's crucial that its dealt with by an expert who can process the application as efficiently as possible.”

“In all cases our team will take over the entire process from the placing broker, where a dedicated account executive is assigned to each case. We will project manage the application from start to finish, which can be of particular importance where values are high or of a complex nature. The placing broker is not required to do anything apart for passing on the details of the client to begin the process and will be remediated for their introduction. Quotations are provided immediately, followed up in writing with a step-by-step guide and in most cases our quotation will stand, even if the share price increases, provided we can get all of the documents to the insurer within 60 days from the quotation date.”

“We look forward to hearing from brokers looking for more information on this offering, by emailing us at lostshares@portsoken.co.uk or visit our website"

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