A change to the way we handle motor trade claims

From time to time our motor trade clients will have incidents in their customers’ vehicles; whether it’s a scrape while reversing out of the garage or a rear end collision whilst delivering back to the owner’s address. In this instance they may decide to claim for the damage on their own motor trade policy with Aviva. 

Previously, where we have then dealt with the owner of the car directly and settled their claim in full, we have subsequently requested our motor trade client pay the excess thereafter.  

Whilst the majority of the time this hasn’t been a problem, we have experienced some issues recently which have led to significant time and effort to get the excess paid.

As a result, we have made some changes to the way we handle these types of claims.* 

Effective immediately, we will manage these claims in the same way we would do so if it were one of our standard motor policyholder’s own vehicles that was damaged i.e. we will issue the settlement minus the excess. This means it is now the responsibility of our motor trade client to settle the excess directly with the relevant party. 

For example, if the vehicle is a total loss, we will pay the owner of the car the pre-accident value minus the applicable excess and ask our client to settle the excess element of the claim with the car owner directly.  If the vehicle is repairable, we will issue payment for the authorised repair figure, less the excess, to the repairer and our client will be required to settle the excess amount with the repair garage. VAT will be deducted from any claim’s settlement where applicable in the usual way.

We would like to ask your support in communicating this decision however if you do have any questions or concerns please get in contact with your Claims Service Manager. 

*Changes do not apply to GCS clients