Sutton Specialist Risks Insurance launches new Contractors Liability scheme on Marketplace

As lockdown restrictions start to ease and the population begins to rehabilitate into public spaces, Facilities Management firms are playing an important role for business returning to office and retail spaces. With an emphasis on economic recovery following a turbulent 18 months, construction and development sites throughout cities up and down the UK are coming back to life, there is a requirement for facilities management contractors to be available to offer their services to this sector. 

It is important that Facilities Management firms are comprehensively supported by a specific insurance product which provides protection against the exposures which are difficult for policyholders to foresee. 

We’re pleased to welcome Sutton Specialist Risks (SSR) as experts in providing insurance to facilities management contractors, to Aviva Marketplace. By drawing on a wealth of expertise and a demonstrated record of providing comprehensive cover for difficult to place contracting risks, Sutton Specialist Risks have created a new Facilities product which combines Aviva’s flexible risk appetite and innovative solutions with SSRs’ thirty years of expertise providing niche insurance solutions for firms operating in the contracting sector. 

Facilities management contractors need to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of their customers. The national lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was no exception to this, as the IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management), a professional association for the facilities management sector, has asserted that the total or partial closure of buildings has increased the importance of premises security, via the means of monitoring, visitor logbooks and physical security checks. All of which could form part of the responsibilities of a facilities management company to help deter criminal activity (COVID-19 guidance: managing the impacts (

“By working closely with Aviva, we’ve drawn on our decades of expertise in underwriting contracting risks to create an insurance product specifically tailored to the needs of FM contractors, including cover for inefficacy up to the full Public Liability limit is standard. Not all markets offer this, but we recognise that it is a vital cover for these contractors.” 

Gary Uren, Director at Sutton Specialist Risks

Why Sutton Specialist Risks?

SSR have provided niche contractors’ insurance schemes for over thirty years (particularly in the Security, Cleaning and Electrical sectors) and have a history of working with insurers to combine competitive rating with niche, high value covers, while meeting the expectations of brokers who are supporting their clients.

Facilities Management risks can be difficult to place, as often the services offered by these contractors span a long list of different trades. SSR have a thorough understanding of these trades, the associated exposures and the covers required to give policyholders peace of mind.

What makes this product different?

  • Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited
  • Liability-led, with options for PI, Management Liability, Property Damage, Engineering, Contract Works, BI, Crime, Legal Expenses Personal Accident and Property Terrorism
  • Specialist wording which provides Inefficacy and Damage to That Part Being Cleaned cover
  • Optional Fidelity Bonding, Loss of Keys and Financial Loss extensions

What type of policyholder is the Facilities product suitable for?

This product is primarily aimed at Facilities Management contractors. These businesses undertake a wide range of activities (from very low risk to more specialist and hard to place activities) and they need an insurer who takes a flexible approach to adding new types of work quickly and efficiently. SSR operate under a delegated underwriting authority agreement with Aviva and are well-versed in responding proactively to these requests.

How do I get a quote? 

To find out more about how Sutton Specialist Risks can support you in placing Contractors Liability risks, visit the SSR Facilities Management page, under ‘Construction’ on Aviva Marketplace where you’ll find our wide range of solutions for those hard to place risks.