Your enhanced Office & Surgery product

We’ve made a number of enhancements to our Office & Surgery product to make it even easier for you to trade your business with Aviva, providing you and your clients with more flexibility and control. 

These changes are live for new business with immediate effect, and for renewals with an effective date of cover from 16th November 2020.

Wider eligibility criteria

We’ve increased the combined sum insured limit per premises from £5m to £7.5m. This follows the introduction of our option to increase Public Liability from £5m to £10m earlier this year. 

These changes mean that you will be able to place even more of your Office & Surgery risks online, putting you in control of how and when you trade.

An increased number of acceptable trades

We’ve carried out a review of trades that refer or decline and have made improvements that mean we now have the ability to write 240 trades with a 97% ‘straight-through’ quote rate based on trade alone. This means we will now provide you with an increased number of instant quotes and a lower referral rate, saving you time and improving the speed of service you are able to provide to your clients.

Non-standard construction improvement

We’ve increased our non-standard construction acceptance limit from 10% to 25%. This improvement will allow more business to quote automatically, reducing the number of referrals and saving you time. 

And we’ve improved functionality so you are now able to accurately record any non-standard construction details. This will provide us with the additional information required for cases that will still require attention, improving our speed of service to you and your client. It will also improve the accuracy of information recorded on the Statement of Fact providing added reassurance around fair presentation of risk.   

New stock cover

We’ve introduced a new stock item for Surgery business with the flexibility to input your client’s specific sum insured. We will automatically quote for cover up to £50,000, with the ability to consider higher limits upon referral.  

This change provides more cover options for these customers and increases the amount of business you can now place online.

An improved quote journey

To help improve your experience, the assumptions we make about your client’s business will now allow you to declare against each individual statement. This improves the usability of Fast Trade and will allow you to accurately present the client's business providing added reassurance around fair presentation of risk.   

Let us know what you think 

As always, we welcome your thoughts on Fast Trade. If you’d like to leave us some feedback on the Office & Surgery enhancements - or any other comments you may have – select ‘Feedback’ within the ‘Options’ menu in Fast Trade and tell us what you think.