Distinctly different

Our Distinct Home product offers warranty-free and worldwide all-risks cover. It's for clients looking for high-quality protection and specialist service.

Our claims team

All claims are handled by home claims advisers

Guaranteed building reinstatement

Guaranteed building reinstatement with a professional valuation – this includes certain listed buildings

Benefits as standard

Including cover for visitors’ belongings, business property, outdoor items, and student belongings - plus many more benefits

Product details

Why Distinct Home?

Distinct policies are designed for clients who are looking for something more from their insurance. They include a number of special features as standard.

Some benefits of Distinct Home:

  • Warranty-free, worldwide, all-risks cover
  • All claims are handled by our home claims advisers
  • Flexibility in how claims are settled
  • Access to specialist suppliers
  • Trace and access cover up to the buildings sum insured
  • Guaranteed building reinstatement with a professional valuation – this includes certain listed buildings
  • We cover properties that have been let, as well as UK and overseas holiday homes
  • Full replacement cost for pairs or sets of items if they can't be repaired or replaced
  • Pest contamination cover should your client's property become infested
  • Cover includes visitors’ belongings, business property, outdoor items and student belongings
  • Residential Care Cover
  • Trauma and Assault Cover

Features included as standard

This policy comes with some very special benefits as standard:

  • Home Emergency Service
  • Personal Lawyer Cover


We go to great lengths to make sure we get it right when things go wrong for your clients. Here’s how we do it for Distinct Home claims:

  • You’ll be speaking to a team dedicated to Aviva Private Client claims
  • Claims are managed by a home-claims adviser with the authority to make a cash settlement if that’s what your client would like
  • Your client can choose their own repairer if they want to
  • We offer a personal jeweller service from Mappin and Webb - they can design and recreate replica pieces if we can’t source acceptable replacements

How to claim

For claims, call 0800 051 1750* - we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For the tax-and-legal-advice helpline call 0800 051 1718*

You can find out more about our claims process by visiting our Claims Service page.


Contact us

To get a Distinct quote, please get in touch with our

Aviva Private Clients team.

They’re available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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