Protection for goods being shipped around the world or transported across the UK by road, rail, sea or air. Depending on your client's needs, you can also include additional covers for exhibitions, engineers’ tools, and representatives’ samples. Clients can also use our Online Certificate Management System to create and issue certificates of insurance.

Online certificate management system

Clients can create, amend, organise and issue their own certificates

Designed for different types of businesses

From exporters to manufacturers, our product suits most businesses and individuals

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Why Aviva Cargo?

We’re specialists in insuring cargo on behalf of goods owners - because we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

Our claims handling service includes a fast-track facility for claims up to £5,000. And, all your client’s documents are kept in one place with our claims envelope.


We recognise the impact a claim can have on your client's business, and aim to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

You can find out more about our claims process by visiting Our Claims Service page.

Added value

Certificates of Insurance

In the course of your client’s business, they may require insurance certificates in order to satisfy a bank issue letter of credit, or to evidence insurance for their cargo shipments.

With our Online Certificate Management System, your client can create, amend, organise and issue their own certificates. They can also produce their own premium invoices if their policy premium is on a declaration basis.

Please contact your local marine centre for details on how to receive access to this system. If you already have access, please follow the link below.

Log in to issue your own cargo certificates of insurance

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You can quote and buy this product through Fast Trade.
Alternatively, for those clients who do not meet Fast Trade eligibility or have more complex needs, please contact your local trading office.

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Cross-sell opportunities

Commercial Combined

For small to medium sized businesses with up to 10 premises and a range of sums insured, based on sector. For larger business or more complex risks, our flexible, locally traded commercial combined product provides a range of covers for businesses.

Shop and Salon

Cover for individual and multi location shop and salon businesses, including internet only retailers.

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