Regionally-traded business

Make changes online to your commercial business

As part of our continued investment in digital solutions, we’re looking at how we can refine or improve existing processes and introduce new tools that make it easier for you to interact with Aviva.

Our self-service tool on Aviva Broker allows you to make changes online to your regionally-traded commercial business. This helps to give you more control, provide a quicker solution for simple policy actions and frees up your usual underwriter to support with more complex matters.

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Step-by-step guide

Have a look at our guide to see how you process mid-term adjustments, renewals and lapses online for your regionally-traded Commercial policies. 

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Here's what you need to know

What you can do with the self-service tool?

Our self-service tool allows you to make simple changes on Aviva Broker to your regionally-traded commercial business. Initially you’ll be able to:

  • Add or remove a vehicle for your regionally-traded Commercial Motor policies online
  • Renew or lapse regionally-traded Commercial Motor and non-motor policies*
  • Access dedicated underwriting support

*Renewal is available for those policies upcoming in the next 28 days and where the invitation has already been generated.

Underwriting support

Our self-service tool is supported by a dedicated team of underwriters.

This team will work with you to pick-up and resolve requests for actions that can’t be completed online by the self-service tool. We hope this will improve the speed of service for you and your clients. It will also free up some of the time of your usual underwriter, so they can focus on your more complex risks. This team are available via our Live Chat functionality. So, if you need any assistance when adding or removing a vehicle, our underwriters are on-hand in the moment to give you a hand.

Get access today

If you have an Aviva Broker account

  • Log in to Aviva Broker
  • Head to ‘My Account’ via the ‘My Services’ drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner
  • Scroll down to the ‘Systems Access’ area where you’ll be able to select ‘Regionally-traded business’
  • Your request will then be reviewed by our Aviva Broker Online Support team

If you don’t have an Aviva Broker account

Once you have access

To start managing your regionally-traded Commercial policies online, log in to Aviva Broker. You'll then find the tool:

  • Via the 'Manage Policies' tab on the Aviva Broker homepage when logged in, selecting 'Regionally-traded business'
  • Or,  you can access the tool directly via the 'My Services' drop-down menu, selecting 'Regionally-traded business'. 


To help answer any initial questions you may have, take a look at the supporting FAQ document here.

Alternatively, please speak to your Aviva sales manager or underwriter.