When computers go wrong or missing, replacing the equipment is relatively easy. Recovering the all-important intangible assets within the equipment often proves to be the greater challenge. Protect your clients' computers and equipment with this policy. 

Acceptance criteria

Maximum of 5 premises with up to £5 million Total Sum Insured per premises


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Product details

Why Aviva Computer?

Our Computer cover features a range of benefits to support your client and their business.

Eligibility limits:

  • Business interruption up to £4 million
  • Increased cost of working up to £3 million
  • Reinstatement of data up to £2 million 

Asset Protection

  • Cover for damage to equipment at the premises and whilst temporarily removed, anywhere worldwide
  • Cover for damage to portable equipment and data storage materials whilst anywhere worldwide
  • Cover for damage to equipment due to breakdown
  • Cover also includes the following as standard:
    • Additional equipment - up to 25% of the sum insured or £300,000, whichever is lower
    • Incompatibility of software/programs - up to the lower of £50,000 or the total damage to equipment sum insured
    • Repair investigation costs - up to £50,000
    • Debris removal - Up to £50,000
    • Security guard costs - Up to £25,000
  • Optional Cover for virus, hacking & denial of service attacks - £100,000

Business Interruption

  • Cover available for interference with the business caused by damage to equipment, available on an insured profit or revenue basis
  • Cover also includes:
    • Additional rental charges 
    • Auditors' and professional accountants' fees
    • Erasure of data 
    • Failure of telecommunications and failure of electricity supply
  • Option to add increased cost of working cover.

Reinstatement of Data

  • Incompatibility of data - Up to £50,000
  • Research and development costs - Up to £50,000

Terrorism cover also available. 

Terms, exclusions and limitations apply. Please see policy wording for full details.

Equipment Defined

Computer Equipment including:
  • Hard or solid-state drives
  • Interconnected wiring
  • Air conditioning and cooling equipment
  • Generating and voltage regulating equipment
  • Satellite and telecommunication links and computerised telephone exchanges
  • Electronic access equipment
  • Temperature and humidity recording equipment
  • Data storage materials

Used for processing, communicating and storing electronic data.


Portable Equipment

Computer Equipment designed to be carried by hand whilst away from the premises. This includes, but is not limited to, laptops, notebooks, palmtops, tablets, smartphones, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, printers, projectors and other peripheral equipment that connects to other portable equipment. 


Data Storage Materials

Any materials or devices used for the storage or representation of data including but not limited to disks, tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, memory sticks, memory cards or other materials or devices which may or may not also constitute computer equipment.

Terms, exclusions and limitations apply. Please see policy wording for full details


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