Back office and third party support

Back office integration

The use of integrated technology to drive adviser business efficiency and customer engagement is a key driver in shaping the savings and retirement market, and a fundamental part of our platform strategy. Below you will see a list of integrated data services all of which could be available to your chosen CRM of choice. If you scroll down to the CRM you use, you will see who you can contact to make sure you are set up and able to use your client data through the consumption of these services. The services include:

  • Bulk Valuations provides valuation and fund information for clients with Aviva Platform products
  • Bulk Transactional History providing all monies in and all monies for clients who hold Aviva Platform products
  • Contract Enquiry: for legacy bonds and pensions valuations and fund information
  • Digital statements which include Advice Charges and commission statements which will enable automatic and efficient reconciliation of fees and commission within your CRM system


Adviser Cloud





DT - Dynamic Planner


Fairstone – Gateway

Focus Solutions



Iress - Adviser Office

Iress - Xplan









True Potential



Portal integration

From protection products to annuities, pensions to investment plans, many of our products appear on portals. For some products, you can also use the quote and other back office data to pre-populate application forms.

Find out at a glance in the tables below which services we offer for each product through the portals.

Air Sourcing

Advise Wise


Iress (Exchange)



EDI Commission messaging

You can receive your firm’s commission statements electronically using Aviva’s EDI commission messaging service.

Find out more about commission messaging

What products does it cover?

How do I register for commission messaging?

Ex-Friends Life services

Services for ex-Friends Life policies

Ex-Friends Life online services (ex-Friends Provident policies) are available using your existing Unipass or user ID and password. This will give you access to the following services:

  • Bulk data download
  • Commission download
  • Commission enquiry
  • You can associate a Unipass certificate to an existing user ID online.

Existing user log-in

If you are a new user you can register for ex-Friends Provident online services online, including contract enquiry. For commission enquiry and commission download you will also need to complete and return our commission enquiry authority letter.




Online resources

Investment centre (formerly Fund centre)

Aviva's Investment centre contains all the tools and information you need to complete your fund research. Access daily fund prices and performance across life, pension and collectives fund ranges.

Our Investment centre includes additional Aviva Platform portfolio tools, including portfolio analysis and income analysis.

Document library

Our adviser document library contains all our current product literature, including terms and conditions, key features, application forms and product brochures.

Tools and calculators

Our tools and calculators for advisers and customers, from mortgage interest to drawdown, IHT and beyond, tons of tricky tasks made simple.

Also available in online services

Online services overview

Find out about the online services we offer and get links to the support you need. 

Getting started

If you are new to the site, you can see an overview of the online services we offer, and find out how to get started. 

Aviva Platform support

To help you use the system with confidence we’ve developed a series of tools to walk you through the key processes.

Protection services support

ALPS is Aviva Life Protection Solutions, our online protection system for advisers.