Protection claims

We’re there when it counts

In 2019 we paid out almost £982 million worth of claims, helping over 26,500 people.

Here are just some of our key 2019 claims statistics. We paid out:

  • 98.6% of life insurance and terminal illness claims
  •  93.1% of critical illness, children benefit and total permanent disability claims 
  •  85.7% of income protection claims


Claims in detail

Aviva claims

Dedicated UK-based team

Our dedicated UK-based team will deal with your client's claim from start to finish - answering any questions and making sure their claim is dealt with as quickly as possible.

We know that for many people, making a claim can be a distressing and emotional time. Which is why all our claims handlers are trained to deal with calls in a sensitive manner. 

If your client has a medical condition, they’ll speak to one of our dedicated claims assessors. These assessors have an in-depth understanding of medical conditions and are trained to ask the right questions to help ensure a successful claim.

Our consistent claims record

When you recommend an Aviva protection policy, you can feel confident that we'll get things right for your clients should they need to make a claim. We have a consistent record  of paying claims, with almost £982 million paid out in 2019 alone. 

Client-friendly process

We’ll try to complete most of your client's forms on their behalf - giving them one less thing to worry about at a difficult time. They’ll need to sign a form but through us gathering as much information as possible upfront, you and your client can focus on moving forward rather than filling out paperwork.

Our 2019 claims

In 2019 we helped more customers by paying 96.3% of all individual protection claims. We’re proud of how we’ve been there for our customers in 2019, and we'll continue to be there in years to come.

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Customers’ viewpoint

Real-life claims case studies

Our customers’ voices speak louder than numbers alone can ever do. Here are just some of their stories about making a claim with Aviva.


Linda's Story

When Linda was buying her house, her mortgage adviser recommended taking out critical illness cover. When within a few years, completely out of the blue, Linda was diagnosed with bowel cancer, she was very thankful that she’d acted on this advice.

Linda was diagnosed with bowel cancer without having any symptoms at all, while feeling perfectly fit and healthy. After receiving the bad news from the doctors Linda went through her paperwork and found her critical illness cover with Aviva.

"The lady I spoke to was really lovely and sympathetic. She assured me that..."

Read Linda's story


Steve’s Story

When Steve was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer he was left feeling bewildered, but after benefiting from his critical illness cover he was able to focus on his treatment and recovery with peace of mind.

With Steve being a mortgage broker for a long time, he understood the importance of having the right protection in place. After having a cough which continued for about 2 weeks and being encouraged by his partner he went to visit his doctor who initially gave him some antibiotics. 

Read Steve's story


Amanda & John's story*

Going through a difficult time when Amanda was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, John had to make the difficult decision to sell their family home to keep paying all the bills. Their decision to take out income protection years before made a life changing difference to the family, when the lump sum received from their claim helped them get back on the property ladder.

After feeling extremely anxious and physically unwell, in January 2016 Amanda had to give up work. Having been on the property ladder for almost 20 years, John and Amanda had to come to a very difficult decision - selling their home and moving into rented accommodation to keep up paying the bills.

*The customer's names have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Read Amanda and John's story


James' story

James is a financial adviser; he talks to his customers all the time about the benefits of having critical illness cover and how you’ll never know when you might need it, even if you’re young and healthy. Little did James know how true his words would come to be when his fiancée was diagnosed with cancer.

“Thinking about your finances when you are dealing with the emotional side of a diagnosis makes everything twice as hard. We both knew that we couldn’t do a 9 to 5 job for a while as we focused on getting through multiple medical appointments. But on the other hand, we had to keep up with the mortgage payment and all the other bills. I thought about the critical illness cover we had in place and I decided to contact Aviva to make the claim. Just three weeks later, everything was settled.” - he adds.

Read James' story


Claims process

Help every step of the way

We know that making a claim can be a distressing time for clients. Which is why we’ve tried to make our process as seamless as we can.

To make things run as smoothly as possible, it’s important that you encourage your client to give as much detail as they can. See the ‘What we need’ tab to find out more about the documents we require. 

Step 1 - Your client tells us they want to claim

Step 2 - We tell them what information we need

Step 3 - That's all. We’ll do the rest

What we need

Here’s a list of what we’re likely to ask for when your client is making a claim. To ensure that your client's claim is dealt with as quickly as possible, we recommend that they contact us by phone.

If you have any specific queries about what we will and won't accept, take a look at the FAQs tab.  

Death claims Critical illness, terminal illness and total permanent disability claims

When assessing a claim we will need to know:

- The name of the person who has died

- The cause of death

- The date of death

- The caller's name and relationship with the deceased

- The life insurance policy number (if they have it)

- We will most likely need a death certificate and will possibly need to see:

- A will, marriage certificate and birth certificate

- Medical records from the deceased's doctor

- The grant of representation.

When assessing a claim we will need to know:

- The name of the policy holder

- The basic details about the condition they're claiming for

- Their policy number (if they have it)

- The client's GP and/or consultant's name and contact details.

Income protection claims Waiver of premium

When assessing a claim we will need to know:

- The name of the policyholder

- The basic details about their absence from work

- Their policy number (if they have it)

- The client's GP and/or consultant's name and contact details.

- We will also most likely need:

- Evidence of your client's earnings and details of their occupation

- Medical evidence to support their claims and possibly further information from your client's doctor.

When assessing a claim we will need to know:

- The name of the policyholder

- The basic details about their absence from work

- Their policy number (if they have it)

- The client's GP and/or consultant's name and contact details

- We will also most likely need:

- Their employer's details (unless they are self employed or claiming on an activities of daily living/working basis).


Product by product, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about our claims processes.

Life Insurance claims

Terminal Illness claims

Critical illness claims

Children's critical illness claims

Income protection claims

Total permanent disability claims

Waiver of premium claims

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You can call our claims team on 0800 015 1142 or 0800 158 3105 (Income Protection only).

Calls to and from Aviva may be recorded and/or monitored. 

To view all of our available contact options,opening times and international numbers please see our contact details.