Select Investment Growth & Income Option

Invest for growth, income or both

A medium to long-term investment bond, Select Investment gives your clients access to a wide range of funds. They can invest for growth, income or a combination of the two.

All key investment sectors

Your clients can invest in a wide and varied range of funds across different sectors and the risk spectrum, including some with valuable guarantees

Simple charging structure

Based on fund size and with no early-exit charges and no reduced allocation for older clients


Potentially tax-efficient withdrawal options and trust options to help minimise IHT liability

Product details

Why Select Investment?

With us, your clients are investing with a company that holds an AA- ‘Stable’ financial-strength rating from Standard & Poor’s. Select Investments start from £10,000 and, depending on your client's circumstances, could be a tax-efficient way to plan for the future.

The Select Investment bond offers:

  • Wide range of funds across sectors and risk spectrum - managed by Aviva Investors and other leading fund houses
  • Range of unit-linked with valuable guarantees
  • Simple, transparent charging structure with no early exit charges
  • Annual management charge discounts
  • Flexible investment options whether your client is looking for growth, an income or both
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal options offering potential tax benefits for both basic and higher rate taxpayers
  • Range of trust options to help minimise inheritance tax liability
  • Choice of adviser-charging options
  • Additional investments of at least £5,000 at any time.

The value of investments can go down as well as up and investors may not get back what they put in. Tax rules may change in the future. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future.

Facts and figures

At a glance

Minimum/maximum investments

£10,000 minimum with no maximum

Except for: Smooth Managed Fund. In most cases the maximum that can be invested into any Smooth Managed Fund is £1 million. If you want to invest more than this, please contact us

Additional Investments can be made, with a minimum of £5,000

Age limits

Available from age 12 to 85 - signature of a parent or guardian required for ages 12-15

Allocation rates

100% allocation rate for all ages


Up to 250 segments, each with a minimum investment of £500

Funds range

Invest in up to 10 funds from a wide range of Aviva and externally managed investments (Series 4)

Guaranteed funds charges

• Guaranteed 100 Fund - 0.50% per year

• Guaranteed 90 Fund - 0.35% per year

(5-year guarantees with the guarantee applying on the anniversary date)

(Guarantee applies from 30 days before the anniversary date until 30 days after it)

Death benefit

At least 100.1% of the value of the units held at the date of death

Fund switching

Unlimited free switching except for switches out of certain funds - see the terms and conditions for details

Early-exit charges


Regular withdrawals

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly – minimum withdrawal £50


Payable monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly from the Distribution 2 fund only


We take an annual management charge by cancelling units. It’s calculated as a percentage of the units held at the end of the last day of the previous month. The charge is based on the initial investment:

• Up to £9,999 1.40%

• £10,000 - £24,999 1.40%

• £25,000 - £49,999 0.75%

• £50,000 - £99,999 0.55%

• £100,000 - £249,999 0.40%

• £250,000 - £499,999 0.35%

• £500,000 + 0.30%

Additional fund charges

Additional charges apply to certain funds. These may include an extra management charge and a fund management expense charge (FMEC). FMECs can vary from year to year.  

Additional Fund charges range from zero to 1.77% a year. For more details please visit our Investment Centre

Adviser remuneration

Available as initial, ongoing and single adviser charges - see the Adviser Remuneration tab for details
Client deals We may offer a reduced annual management charge for individual cases with investments over £250,000

Client suitability

Select Investment is designed for clients who:

  • Have a lump sum of at least £10,000 to invest
  • Have maximised their ISA allowance
  • Want access to a range of funds across a wide range of risk appetites
  • Want the flexibility to invest for growth, income or both
  • Are looking for an investment that offers some funds with guarantees
  • Are comfortable that their investment may rise and fall in value over time
  • Understand there is a risk that they may get back less than they invested
  • May want to make additional investments into their policy.

Adviser remuneration

Initial adviser charge

We deduct this from the initial investment before we set up the policy.

Single adviser charges

You can take a single charge from Select Investment on an ad-hoc basis.

Ongoing adviser charges

If you've agreed an ongoing charge with your client, we can take the charge from the Select Investment bond on your behalf - and pay it to you whenever suits you and your client. As the charge is classed as a withdrawal it counts towards allowances for chargeable gains or market value reductions (MVRs).

You have a range of options for how you set up an ongoing adviser charge:

  • Percentage of the initial investment
  • Specified monetary amount
  • Proportionally across funds - or taken from specific funds
  • Paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually on the 3rd day of the month
  • First payment date can be deferred.

Business support

We provide online support for you as you run your day-to-day business. Log in to see how you can do things like:

  • Getting policy information, including valuations
  • Creating client reports and portfolio analysis
  • Switch funds
  • View recent client documentation.

And you don’t need to log in for access to our:

  • Investment Centre - prices, performance, charges and ratings; compare and chart performance at fund or sector level using our charting tool
  • Technical Support Centre - all the technical product help you need
  • Document Library - to browse and download literature at any time.

Quote and apply

Log in to quote and apply for Select Investment


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