Life Insurance+

Life, taken care of

Protect your clients and their families

Life cover with the flexibility of adding critical illness. Both types of cover include  terminal illness cover.  

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Includes Aviva DigiCare+

Aviva DigiCare+ is an app linking to services which help prevent, detect and manage health and wellbeing concerns. 


Includes a range of benefits and terminal illness cover.

Claims you can count on

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Global Treatment

The power of choice when your clients need it

When someone becomes seriously ill, they could be facing a diagnosis that could affect their whole life. It’s a lot to take in.

What they need is the right treatment, delivered quickly and seamlessly. That could be NHS treatment. It could be private treatment. Or it could be that treatments outside of the UK can be more suitable to treat the specific condition, or they simply aren’t available at home.

That’s why we offer Global Treatment, at a small extra cost, alongside select personal protection+ products.

Product details

Choosing Aviva Life Insurance+?

  • Flexibility - adaptable cover for your clients' needs and budget, with the option to add critical illness cover
  • You can count on us - in 2022 we paid out 99.4% of life insurance claims - paying £683m
  • We want to help your clients stay healthier - the Aviva DigiCare+  app helps your clients look after their health and wellbeing
  • Complete cover that's simple to understand - use our What is protection? video as a starting point

What you get

You client can choose life cover or life and critical illness cover. Cover can be set up on a level, increasing or decreasing basis and premiums can be guaranteed or on a reviewable basis.

This is a summary of what's available. For full terms and details, please see the policy summary or policy conditions.


Always included:
  • House purchase cover: Included with level or decreasing cover at no extra cost. If buying a house, it gives free life cover during the house purchase process. 
  • Life change benefit: Lets your client increase their cover amount (limits apply) if their circumstances change. The increase will be on a new policy and their premiums will go up. 
  • Separation benefit: Can be used to split a joint policy into two single policies. 

Upgraded cover at extra cost:

  • Critical illness benefit: Your client is covered for 32 critical illness conditions and two additional critical illness conditions – less advanced cancer of the breast and less advanced cancer of the prostate.
  • Children's benefit: Included with life and critical illness cover. Your client’s children are covered from age 30 days until their 18th birthday (or 21st birthday if in full-time education). It includes children’s critical illness benefit, children’s hospital benefit and children’s death benefit. 
  • Upgraded critical illness benefit: Only available with life and critical illness cover. Covers your client for 15 further full payment conditions and 26 further additional critical illness benefits. It also covers hospital benefit – if your client spends seven consecutive nights in hospital, we’ll pay £100 a night from the eighth night onwards for up to 30 nights. 
  • Upgraded children’s benefit:   Only available with life and critical illness cover.  Covers 11 further children’s critical illness conditions and 12 conditions covered under child extra care cover. It also includes advanced illness cover from birth to age 22, and children’s death benefit, covering from 24 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • Total permanent disability:   Only available with life and critical illness cover. Pays out the full cover if your client is unable to perform their job or can’t complete three of the listed activities of daily work.
  • Waiver of premium: We’ll pay your client’s premiums for them if they can’t work because they’re ill or injured.
  • Renewal option: Your client can renew their policy at the end of the policy term with no extra health or lifestyle questions. Only available on guaranteed premiums and level cover.
  • Conversion option: Your client can convert their policy into a whole of life policy with no extra health or lifestyle questions.

Pay extra for these benefits:

  • Global Treatment: Gives your client access to overseas medical treatments and a second medical opinion.
  • Extra care cover:  Only available with life and critical illness cover. Provides extra support for named conditions before the age of 55. It could also pay out if your client can’t complete three of the listed activities of daily living, either when they claim or for up to 12 months afterwards.
  • Fracture cover: Pays a lump sum in the event of a fractured bone. 

Making a claim

From filling out paperwork to answering questions about funeral arrangements, we aim to make a difficult time a little easier.

To make a claim, your clients can call the team on:

0800 015 1142

Calls may be monitored and/or recorded.

If online is easier they can fill in an online form telling us they need to make a claim.

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Optional benefits

All available at an additional premium

Global Treatment

Global Treatment could give your clients the power of choice and make overseas treatment possible at a time when they'll want to explore all the options.

Fracture cover

Pays a one-off sum if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures during a 12 month period.

Extra care cover

An additional £50,000 when critical illness has a prolonged, life changing impact

Business support

Doing protection business just got easier


Online services

Helping you and your clients get the most out of ALPS.


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Full of information, tips, and resources making the underwriting process quicker and easier for you. 

Claims hub

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Protection support

Resources to help and support your protection. 


Macmillan Cancer Support

Proving our partnership is here to support both you and your clients impacted by cancer. 

Tools & calculators

Useful tools and support making life easier for you and your clients. 


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