Life Insurance+

Life, taken care of

Protect your clients and their families

Comprehensive life cover with the flexibility of adding critical illness cover to meet your clients' needs. Both types of cover include a range of benefits and terminal illness cover as standard. 

Includes Aviva DigiCare+

Helps your clients prevent, detect, and manage common health and wellbeing concerns directly from their smartphone


Includes a range of benefits and terminal illness cover as standard

Claims you can count on

Please visit our claims hub for details of the claims we've paid.

Aviva DigiCare+

Aviva DigiCare+ can help your clients prevent, detect and manage health and wellbeing concerns. 

We've carefully selected third parties to offer a wide range of added-value benefits, available through a smartphone app that can help your clients go beyond financial protection.

Aviva DigiCare+ extends our Menu proposition, giving your clients extra peace of mind and the control to help make health and wellbeing a priority.

Product details

Why Life Insurance+?

Life Insurance+ helps give your clients and their families financial protection should your client pass away within the policy term. It lets your client leave a lump sum behind – which could help their loved ones maintain their living standards or pay mortgage costs. Life Insurance+ includes a range of benefits and terminal illness cover as standard.


Flexible solution

Our Life Insurance+ policy provides life cover with the added flexibility of being able to add critical illness cover.

You can adapt your clients cover according to their needs and budget - by choosing from a range of options and benefits which have all been designed to deliver quality cover.

At an extra cost your client can upgrade their critical illness cover (if chosen) so they have some financial protection against even more critical illnesses. By upgrading, they can add extra benefits to their cover, their children's cover or both.

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Features and benefits

More choice

The ability to select the following allows you to adapt cover to your individual client's needs: 

  • Life cover or life and critical illness cover
  • The cover amount and the policy term
  • Level, decreasing or family income cover
  • Waiver of premium, conversion and renewal options
  • Increasing cover - to help protect against inflation

Benefits included as standard

Life Insurance+ comes with a wide range of benefits available at no extra cost:

  • House purchase cover
  • Life change and separation benefits
  • Additional critical illness benefit (available with life and critical illness cover only)
  • Children's benefit (available with life and critical illness cover only)

Upgrade for even more cover

At an additional cost customise cover with our upgrade options (available with life and critical illness cover only):

  • Upgraded critical illness benefit covers further full payment conditions,additional critical illness conditions and hospital benefit.
  • Upgraded children's benefit covers an additional 11 children's critical illness conditions, up to £50,000 for 12 conditions under children's extra care cover, and advanced illness. Children are also covered from birth.

Additional benefits

We offer a range of cover options at an additional cost:

  • Global treatment 
  • Extra care cover
  • Fracture cover 

Facts and figures

Cover types


Critical illness cover

Children's benefit

Upgraded children's benefit


For an extra cost, any of these additional covers can be included in your client’s policy.


Conversion option

Max age at entry: 64

Your client can convert their policy to a whole of life policy without answering any further medical questions. They can convert their policy before age 71. 

This is available at an extra cost on level life cover.

This option is not available with life and critical illness cover or the increasing option.


Waiver of premium

Max age at entry: 64

We will waive your client's premiums if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Your client can choose a deferred period of one, three or six months.

This benefit is available at an extra cost and it will cease when the eldest life reaches age 71, but the policy will continue.


Increasing cover

Max age at entry: 64

The cover amount will increase each year in line with RPI (available with level cover) or by a fixed percentage of 3 or 5% (available with level cover and family income cover). If the cover increases so will the premium. The increase automatically happens on an annual basis. 

When increasing cover linked to RPI is selected, if RPI doesn't go up, neither will your clients cover amount or premium.  

If your client chooses not to accept an increase, then their cover amount and premium will remain the same. 

Please note that in the event of an increase the premium will increase at a higher percentage rate than the cover amount. The maximum the cover amount can increase by is 10% and the premium could increase by a maximum of 15%. 

This is not available with decreasing cover.


Extra care cover        

Max age at entry: 64 

This cover can provide £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with a condition that results in severe and permanent symptoms. It's available at an extra cost with life and critical illness cover.


Total permanent disability

Max age at entry: 64

This option pays the cover amount if the life covered suffers an illness or injury that means they meet either our own occupation or activities of daily work definition. (We'll confirm which definition we'll use for your client). 

This benefit will cease when the eldest life reaches age 71, but the policy will continue.

It is available at an extra cost with life and critical illness cover.

Additional covers


Aviva DigiCare+

One app with a world of support

The Aviva DigiCare+ smartphone app places a range of health and wellbeing benefits right at your clients' fingertips. The app is powered by Square Health and the benefits are provided by a number of carefully selected third parties. The benefits in the app link to each other, helping your clients turn advice into action.

If your client purchases Life Insurance+, they’ll receive Aviva DigiCare+ at no extra cost. They can use the benefits as soon as their policy is live and they’ve downloaded the app, with the annual health check giving a great starting point by providing an overview of their health. Within the app your client will find:

Health & lifestyle benefits to help prevent and detect ill health and keep your clients well;

Treatment support to get help when illness has already struck, and

Bereavement support to help ease some of the unnecessary burden at the worst of times.

Aviva DigiCare+ is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can withdraw at any time. Terms and conditions and privacy policy apply and can be found within the app.

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We're proud of our strong track record of paying claims.  Visit our claims hub for details of the claims we've paid and the great work we do to support our customers when they need us most.

Being there when it matters most

When your clients claim, we do everything we can to reduce their stress and anxiety.

This is an incredibly difficult time. Whether it’s helping with paperwork or answering questions about funeral arrangements, we’re there for your clients, and their families.

To make a claim, they can call the team on:

0800 015 1142

Calls may be monitored and/or recorded.


Or, if they can’t face talking about what’s happened, they can get the process started online instead.

Your client can fill in an online form  to tell us they need to make a claim.

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Optional benefits

All available at an additional premium

Global treatment

Global treatment makes overseas treatment and access to an expert second medical opinion possible at a time when your client will want to explore all the options.

Fracture cover

Fracture cover pays a one-off sum if your client suffers from 1 of 18 specified fractures during a 12 month period.

Extra care cover

An additional £50,000 when critical illness has a prolonged, life changing impact.

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