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Lifetime Mortgage with Aviva


We are delighted to announce some improvements to our Equity Release Lifestyle Flexible product

From 20 May, we will be offering both new and existing customers the flexibility to take smaller cash reserve draws so they only borrow what they need, while benefiting from truly personalised interest rates. 

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Downsizing protection

Redemption without an early repayment charge (ERC) for clients who've applied to transfer a mortgage to a property that Aviva won't lend on.

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Why choose Aviva for Equity Release?

With over 20 years' experience, we're one of the most established and trusted equity release lenders in the UK. We've helped over 240,000 people release more than £8 billion.

Lifestyle Flexible Option

Our Lifestyle Flexible Option provides clients with a flexible approach. As well as receiving an initial lump sum, your client can set up a cash reserve to draw money from, as and when they need it. What’s more, they only pay interest on the money they’ve drawn.

Lifestyle Lump Sum Max

Lifestyle Lump Sum Max could allow your client to borrow a one-off cash lump sum of £15,000 or more. It could be a good option if they have something in mind they need to use the money for, like home renovations, or to help a child or grandchild onto the property ladder.

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