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There are two things you need to do to register for our Aviva Adviser site - meanwhile setting up Unipass is a great way for you to access providers sites without having to remember your passwords.

1. Get an Aviva agency code

If you’re a member of a network they will apply for an Aviva agency code on your behalf.

To check if you already have an agency code with Aviva call: 0800 015 0967.

If you do not have an agency code you can register for one using Origo.

You should provide the details of anyone within your organisation who intends to write business with Aviva.

2. Register for the adviser site

Once you have your Aviva agency code you can register for the adviser site.

Each individual requiring access must register for themselves.

Once registered you will receive a 10 digit unique identifier, used to login, called an Online Account Number (OAN).

Get set up with Unipass

Access to provider sites, without having to remember your password.

Have you tried Unipass?

Unipass digital certificates are free and work like an electronic passport, allowing you to access provider sites without having to remember passwords.

To setup Unipass you need to:

  1. Register for Unipass
  2. Go to the Aviva Connect login screen and click on ‘Unipass login’
  3. Select the certificate you’d like to link to Aviva Connect
  4. Enter your online account number and password

You will receive an onscreen confirmation that your Unipass is setup and ready to use.

Password reset

Forgotten password

If you’ve forgotten your password you can reset it from the login page.

You will need to enter your 10 digit online account number and email address. The email address will need to be the one currently tied to your online account.

A temporary password will be sent to you by email.

If you have forgotten your online account number, or you have recently changed your email address, please call our Service Helpdesk on 0800 056 4607.

Account maintenance

Account maintenance

Adding agencies and individuals

Removing agencies and individuals

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