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From the moments that help make us, to the moments that threaten to break us, protection is about always being there when we're needed - and when we're not. 

Our protection products

Personal protection

From flexible life and critical illness cover to income protection and covering basic living costs, we can meet a range of protection needs

Business protection

Flexible cover options for your business clients and their employees. Backed by expert support and online quoting, applying and tracking

Group Protection

We offer a comprehensive range of products, providing financial reassurance and support against the impact of illness, injury or loss of life.

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Through Aviva Life Protection Solutions - ALPS - we're always looking for new ways to make things easier for you. You want to work with a company that's easy to do business with, and we want to save you valuable time. 

We listen to your feedback and are committed to continuous system improvements. So, from underwriting to tracking applications, we've introduced enhancements across the service.

You can make changes on our individual Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+ and Income Protection+ products once we’ve offered acceptance terms - without needing to start the application again. For example, increasing the sum assured, changing the term or adding additional benefits, such as Global Treatment.

To find out more about ALPS and the enhancements we’ve made, take a look at our ALPS training hub.

ALPS training hub

Online trusts

Placing a policy in trust is an easier way to make sure its proceeds go where they're intended. And as well as giving your clients peace of mind, it can be an opportunity to grow your business.

Our online trust process makes it easy to set up a trust. Take a look at our guides by clicking the links, or download the files from the ‘Visit our Document library’ section below.

  • Probate hurdles - using a trust to avoid common probate issues
  • Benefits of trusts - a short guide to help clients understand why they would put their policy in trust
  • Guide for trustees - all the information a trustee needs, with answers to common questions
  • Online signature-free trusts - how you and your clients can benefit from our 100% online signature-free trusts for personal and business protection products, including relevant life. With guidance at every step, we'll help to ensure the process goes smoothly
  • Support for your clients - trusts can be daunting for clients who haven’t dealt with them before. Our handy guide gives them the key information they need

Additional benefits

Our personal protection products offer a range of options that can provide even greater protection against life's uncertainties. These are available at additional cost. 

Extra care cover 

In severe cases, where an illness has a prolonged life-changing impact on your client and means a huge adjustment to their day-to-day living, it’s likely they’ll need more financial support to help make their lives more comfortable. 

It provides a payment of £50,000, in addition to the cover amount, where your client suffers from a critical illness, upgraded critical illness, or total permanent disability (where selected) and is left with severe, permanent symptoms that meet our definition.

We’ll also pay the full cover amount plus £50,000 if your client is diagnosed with certain neurological conditions before age 50.

Extra care cover is only available on Life Insurance+ (with optional critical illness cover) and Critical Illness+.

Fracture cover

Additional cover for a range of fractures - available with our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+, and Living Costs Protection products.

It pays a one-off lump sum if your client suffers from one of 18 specified fractures. 

Global treatment

If your client or their child suffers from a serious illness, such as cancer, they'd want the most accurate diagnosis possible - and access to the very best advice and treatment.

That’s why we've teamed up with Best Doctors and Further to offer global treatment. This gives access to medical experts around the world and covers the cost of overseas treatment for certain serious illnesses or medical procedures, as defined in the policy conditions.

At a time when your client will almost certainly want to explore all possible avenues, global treatment offers more choice and access to quality treatment options.

Global treatment is available on our Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection products.

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