Defined Benefit advice referrals

Introducer guidance and information from Aviva Financial Advice

Gold Standard advice service based on expertise and clarity

We can support your clients at each stage of the Defined Benefit (DB) advice journey, from initial referral, through to the transfer of assets if recommended. Your clients will get a named Aviva adviser who can help guide them through each stage of the advice process. 

Proven expertise of a strong brand

Aviva is a recognised household name with extensive experience of individual pensions, backed with 325 years in the insurance industry.

Transparent advice

Aviva Financial Advice offers abridged advice to save your clients time and money if it is clear that a recommendation is unsuitable.

Award-winning Aviva Platform

Any transferred funds to be invested will be placed on the widely-recognised and extensively adopted Aviva Platform.

Why Aviva?

In a market where fewer and fewer advisers provide Defined Benefit advice, we believe it is important to offer a service that allows your clients access to the advice they need.

Each of Aviva’s Defined Benefit advisers is individually accredited with the Pension Transfer Gold Standard by the Personal Finance Society, ensuring your client is in capable hands. The team is salaried, and does not receive sales incentives, so will only offer advice and recommend products that are appropriate for your client. Our restricted status means that we can only recommend suitable Aviva products or whole of market annuities.

Here are three more reasons you can feel confident in referring to us:

1 We’re pension transfer specialists Our advisers have helped hundreds of clients review their pensions and investments. We offer a complete Defined Benefit advice proposition including abridged and full advice, and there’s no charge until the client agrees that the advice has the potential to give them value and requests for us to start the analysis.
2 Clear lines of responsibility We take full responsibility for the advice round from start to finish, avoiding the risk of you becoming involved in the advice.
3 We have strong and independent quality assurance Each advice recommendation provided by our individually accredited DB advisers is assessed by an independent specialist helping provide additional quality of advice.

How much could your client's Defined Benefit advice cost?

Full details on our advice charging structure can be found in the Introducer Guide below. Some key benefits of our charging structure:

  • Our charge is based on the total CETV of policies advised on. There are no hidden fees for clients with multiple policies.
  • If your client has a partner and they take advice together, all their policies will be charged for in one advice round.
  • We have a cap of £10,775 on DB advice per advice round.
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Introducer Guide

Here you’ll find a concise overview of what Aviva Financial Advice offers, including a simple step-by-step guide to each stage of the process.

Introduce us and relax

The potential benefits of transferring a Defined Benefit pension pot remain attractive to many clients, although taking control of the money must always be balanced against the risks. Once you’ve explained the service to your client, the journey really begins when you introduce them to us. 

Referring a client

The first step is to get their agreement to be introduced. Once you’ve got their agreement, fill in their details in the form below.

Thank you for your enquiry.  We will aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

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Key documents to get started

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Introducer guide

Here you’ll find a concise overview of what Aviva Financial Advice offers, including a simple step-by-step guide to each stage of the process.

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Introducer checklist

What you’ll need to conduct DB business with us, as well as a helpful guide to roles and responsibilities.

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Any Defined Benefit clients who transfer will be placed on the Aviva Platform. Here’s more about it.

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Defined Benefit clients have a wide range of risk appetites. Our extensive range of funds can help satisfy them.

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