Group Income Protection

Supporting your clients to help reduce long-term sickness absence

What is Group Income Protection?

Group Income Protection provides financial support and rehabilitation services to employees if they're absent from work due to an illness or injury.  Your clients can demonstrate a caring attitude towards employees, while supporting them with their health, recovery and, if the time is right, a successful return to work.

Early Intervention and Rehabilitation

We can support your clients even before they need to take time off work. In 2023, 83% of the employees we provided rehabilitation support, returned to, or remained at work.

Expert case managers

Our dedicated case managers work closely with your clients' employee during the claims process, supporting them every step of the way.

Focus on wellbeing

Your clients and their employees have access to a wide range of wellbeing services to help create a healthier, happier workforce

How it works

Following the deferred period chosen by your client (13, 26, 28 or 52 weeks), we'll pay a proportion of their salary should they be unable to work due to illness or injury. This means they can focus on getting better and your client doesn't need to worry about covering all their salary. 

Where possible, we'll provide rehabilitation support, to help the employee return to work quicker. In many cases, we can provide early intervention to an employee before it even gets to claim stage.

Why Aviva Group Income Protection?

We’re experts in Group Income Protection, helping employees with their rehabilitation, recovery and, most importantly, their return to work.

In addition to providing financial support, our claims pathways support employees through the claims process, helping them better manage their condition and where possible, make a safe, sustainable return to work.

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Wellbeing services

Early intervention and rehabilitation

Our clinical pathways

Setting up a policy

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Group Income Protection brought to life

Learn more about some of the many features and benefits of Group Income Protection by watching these short videos.

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Group Income Protection early intervention and rehabilitation

People are the beating heart of every business, so it makes perfect sense for employers to do what they can to keep their staff happy, fit, and healthy.

As employers ourselves, we know just how important this is – and we’re here to help business owners take good care of their workforce.

Looking after the wellbeing of employees is a good place for all of us to start.

This helps to show them just how important they are.  And it also makes good business sense as improved wellbeing leads to better staff engagement and retention.

It also helps reduce absenteeism and helps a business stand out from the crowd.

So, how can we help?

Solutions such as workplace wellbeing training courses, which are non-contractual benefits, give managers the confidence to recognise, understand and better handle wellbeing issues.

But improving wellbeing can also be as simple as setting up activity clubs, making use of staff’s own skills, and promoting existing benefits available to employees.

Increasing an employer’s focus on staff health and wellbeing is a great way to head off potential problems.

But a wellbeing strategy can’t fix everything.

We all know that some employees will inevitably come up against problems – anything from joint issues or mental health concerns to a life-threatening illness.

When it happens, we’ve found that the sooner we can help your employees, the sooner they can begin their recovery. 

At Aviva, we use our extensive experience to get the best outcomes for everyone.

That’s why our services are there to help employees through their illness.

It’s also why we invest in proactive clinical treatments and therapies.

Our team has a wealth of clinical and rehabilitation knowledge and experience.

Plus, they have access to an army of medical staff, specialising in everything from cardiology to counselling, orthopaedics to oncology, physiotherapy to psychiatry.

We all know how difficult this time can be, so we keep the claims process as simple and personal as possible.

Instead of filling in forms while they’re feeling unwell, an employee can simply have a chat with their dedicated case manager, who will get things moving as quickly as possible.

This approach also helps us assess what kind of rehabilitation support they need.

With Aviva we offer employers a rounded approach to keeping their workforce fit and healthy.

To find out more, search for Aviva advisers or visit

It takes Aviva to help employees live their happiest, healthiest lives.

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Group Income Protection claims pathways

Good health counts for so much, so if an employee faces a long period off work due to ill-health or injury, it can create all sorts of worries. 

And for employers, employee absence brings its own challenges.

Our Group Income Protection claims pathways can help ease the strain for all. 

Even before absence occurs, we’re here for you.

Health can start to deteriorate while an employee is still at work, so engage with us early so we can step in and try to avoid absence. 

Where time off is needed to help manage symptoms and aid recovery, we’ll support you both, not only during the claims process, but throughout any eventual return to work.  

We’ll assign a dedicated case manager to manage all aspects of your claim and aim to confirm payment before the end of the deferred period.

They’ll take information by phone to understand symptoms, treatment pathways and any obstacles which might be preventing a return to work.

There are no forms to complete, and our e-signature process makes providing consent quick and easy. 

Our pathways are adapted to the employee’s needs and circumstances.

In addition to our general pathway, extra support can be offered to employees with certain conditions, we may engage one of our rehabilitation partners to further support them clinically, practically, or emotionally.

From early intervention, to rehabilitation, your case manager is there every step of the way. 

To offer the right care, they’re supported by a team of clinical experts, from psychologists to physiotherapists, occupational health nurses to psychiatric nurses and more. 

And they can expand their support to the line manager, HR or occupational health representative. 

Rehabilitation support is always considered, and, if needed, rehabilitative funding may be available.

If the time comes for your employee to return to work, your case manager will work with you both alongside necessary medical professionals to help devise and implement a safe and effective return to work plan.  

Engage with us and let us take away some of the strain. 

For more information please speak to your usual Aviva contact or visit us online.

Fast and efficient quotes for smaller schemes

Join lots of advisers and get Group Protection quotes in around 20 minutes for schemes between 3-250 lives via our self-serve online platform, Aviva Group Protection Online (AGPOL).

Use the same data to quote for all three of our Group Protection products and put clients on risk the next day. Plus, we offer three year rate guarantees for schemes over 100 lives. 

Please be aware that our technical guides and policy wording documents differ for AGPOL and can be found on our AGPOL page or in the Document Library. You'll also be provided with the relevant guides when you run your online quote.

Find out more about AGPOL.

Get a quote online

How to apply

Email our team on

or speak to your Aviva account manager. 

If you're applying for a business with 3-250 lives you can use our online system,

Aviva Group Protection Online.

If your query relates to an existing policy please call

0800 145 5684

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Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, between 9.00am and 5.00pm. For your protection and ours, calls to and from Aviva may be recorded and/or monitored. Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are free of charge. Calls from outside the UK may be charged at international rates.

Key documents - AGPOL

For AGPOL key documents, visit our AGPOL webpage

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