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Flexible cover to meet all your clients’ needs

From flexible life and critical illness cover, to income protection and covering basic living costs, you can easily select products and benefits that meet your individual clients’ protection needs.

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Our personal protection products

Life Insurance+

Comprehensive life cover with the flexibility of adding critical illness cover to meet your client's needs.

Critical Illness+

Standalone critical illness cover with a range of benefits and options, making it suitable for a range of budgets.

Whole of Life Insurance+

Cover that helps protect your client's estate planning and guarantees a lump sum when your client dies.

Income Protection+

Help protect your client against loss of income due to illness or injury and it's extra benefits are designed to help your client get back to work.

Living Costs Protection

Straightforward cover that helps pay for your client's essentials when they find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury. It pays a fixed monthly amount for up to 12 months for each eligible claim.

Simple Life Insurance

Enhanced cover and additional options aren't for everyone. Aviva's Simple Life Insurance could give your clients peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Aviva DigiCare+

The Aviva DigiCare+ app can help your clients prevent, detect and manage health and wellbeing concerns. Provided by Square Health, with added-value benefits provided by a number of carefully selected third parties, the app helps your clients go beyond financial protection. 

Available with our personal protection products, excluding Simple Life Insurance, Aviva DigiCare+ gives your clients extra peace of mind and the control to help make health and wellbeing a priority. 

Aviva DigiCare+ is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can change or withdraw at any time. Terms and conditions and privacy policy apply, and can be found within the app. Residency restrictions may apply.

Global Treatment

If one of your clients or their children were to become seriously ill, you know they’d want the option to be treated at the best hospitals in the world, by the leading medical experts for their condition. That's what Global Treatment offers your clients and their families.

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