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Helping your clients to cover long-term care fees

Welcome to our potential solutions for clients who need long-term care for a physical disability or mental impairment in later life. Our plans help to fund care fees for people over 60 and either currently receiving care or about to receive care.

The monthly benefits are tax-free if paid to a care provider registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and can be indexed to keep pace with the rising cost of care. (Benefits can also be paid direct to the policyholder but would be taxed in the same way as a purchased life annuity.)

Plans can pay all or part of the ongoing care costs and can be taken out by the policyholder themselves, their legal representative or on their behalf by somebody else.

Our lifetime care products

Immediate Lifetime Care Plan

For a single premium payment, a client aged 60 or over can cover part or all of the costs of care for the rest of their life 

Secured Lifetime Care Plan

A plan for clients aged 60 or over with the financial resources to pay their care fees, but who’d like to limit their financial liability 

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