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Learn the definition of equity release, home reversion plans, lifetime mortgages and alternative methods of releasing equity.

Regulation - Lifetime Mortgages

Understand the regulation of lifetime mortgages including the main sources of reference and product disclosure requirements.

Regulation - Home reversion plans

Understand the regulation of home reversion plans including the main sources of reference.

Product providers and customers

By the end of this chapter, you'll understand the range of product providers and customer types.

Equity release products

Learn everything about the need for equity release, the types of product features and options available in the marketplace.

Application process

By the end of this chapter, you'll know all about the equity release application process.

Taxation and State benefits

Find out how to explain the implications of releasing equity on personal taxation, as well as State and other benefits.

Giving advice

This chapter explains the obligations, methods, and ethical standards required when giving advice on equity release. It also helps you identify suitable clients.


This chapter helps you describe the administrative aspects of changes in circumstances, including leaving the property on death and long-term care.

Complaints and compensation

Find out the best ways to describe the process for managing complaints and the organisations that have been established to deal with them.