Additional borrowing quotes and applications

We're currently working on giving you the ability to quote, apply and track cases online for additional borrowing.  While we finish developing that, quotes and applications for additional borrowing will follow an offline process. 

Equity release continues to be a potential financial solution for people across the UK.  With the cost of living crisis biting, retirement shortfalls and the Bank of Mum and Dad still in demand, equity release has become more popular with clients. 

Three steps for getting a quote for additional borrowing

But what happens when these customers feel the need to borrow a little more?  

We can’t guarantee we’ll lend more money – it will depend on our lending criteria at the time and our minimum and maximum lending amounts. You can find further information in our Additional borrowing brochure – but you can take three steps to find out if it’s an option:

Step 1    

Know the form

  • You’ll find our Request for Additional borrowing form on our website 
  • You can use the form in two ways: 
    • Answer the first six questions to request additional borrowing figures to see how much is available
    • Answer all 12 questions to request an additional borrowing illustration

Step 2

Complete it

  • Complete the client and property details, the requested loan amount and your information, including your FCA number

Step 3

Send it to us

Ready to apply for additional borrowing?

Complete the application form for additional borrowing

Send it to

Coming soon…

We’re currently preparing an online service that will be even better.

Watch this space.