How to apply for an Aviva to Aviva rebroke/switch

For some customers with an existing Aviva lifetime mortgage, they may be better off switching out of their current product and setting up a new lifetime mortgage on a lower interest rate. You may refer to this approach as a ‘rebroke’ or ‘switch’.

Digital rebroking service coming soon

We plan to offer a rebroke service on our digital platform. It will let you quote and then apply to switch the existing lifetime mortgage to a new lifetime mortgage. It will also link the existing lifetime mortgage details with the new application, so we can give you a product switch statement as part of the online process.

This service will be available soon but isn’t yet ready to roll out. We’ll let you know as soon as it is ready.

How can I get a rebroke quote online?

You can get a quote for the switch online by creating a new initial borrowing quote:

  • directly with us through our adviser website, or
  • through your preferred portal research engine.

You can also get redemption figures through our MyClients section when you login on the Adviser website providing you are the servicing agent for the customer.  

Make a note of the quote reference number which will start ER as you will need to let us know when you submit the application.

Apply offline for a short time

While we finish developing our digital service, we will temporarily need you to fill in a paper application form, scan it and send it to us at together with the online quote reference number.

We recognise this isn’t ideal, but we’re asking you to follow an offline process while we finish developing our online service.

We will have a full digital process in place soon where you’ll be able to quote and apply for a rebroke case. In the meantime, we thank you for both your help and your patience in following the offline process for these cases.