How to apply for an Aviva to Aviva rebroke/switch

For some customers with an existing Aviva lifetime mortgage, they may be better off switching out of their current product and setting up a new lifetime mortgage on a higher loan to value and/or a lower interest rate. You may refer to this approach as a ‘rebroke’ or ‘switch’.

Digital rebroking service is here:

We are excited to announce that you no longer need to complete and submit a paper application form for Aviva to Aviva rebrokes/switches, you can now submit applications through our online platform in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Login to the Adviser website and select “MyClients” where you can see the Total amount owed in the “Loan Details” tab, plus any Early Repayment Charges (if applicable) in the “Early Repayments” tab for your client’s current lifetime mortgage account. Please be aware these figures can change on a daily basis. If you are not the authorised broker, see the question below.

Step 2: Get a new initial borrowing quote online, either through your preferred research portal or directly on the Aviva for Advisers website.

Step 3: If you decide to proceed with the rebroke application, you can submit the application online. All the details entered into the quote will pre-populate the application. Simply log into the Aviva for Advisers website, retrieve the saved quote, and continue to “full mortgage application”. Within the application, in the dropdown list of reasons for the loan you will need to select ‘Repay existing Equity Release’ and enter the loan amount to repay the current lifetime mortgage loan(s).

A final statement confirming the redemption value of the current lifetime mortgage account will be sent in a separate email to the offer documents for the new lifetime mortgage account.

We will accept paper applications for an Aviva to Aviva rebroke application until Tuesday 26th March 2024. After this date any paper applications received will be returned for submitting online.

What if I am not the authorised broker?

By submitting the application your client is authorising the change of servicing rights. However, if you need access to the client’s existing lifetime mortgage account, complete this change of servicing rights form  and email it to

Let us know if you would also like to know the current total amount owed including any early repayment charge (if applicable) for your client’s current lifetime mortgage and we will confirm this back to you when we confirm the completion of the change of servicing rights. Alternatively, you can check yourself by logging into “MyClients” as soon as the change of servicing rights has completed.