Illustration referrals: your questions answered

When will an illustration be referred?

In certain scenarios, your illustration request will be referred for us to look at whether we can accept the case or not. Here are some examples of when this will happen:   

  • The loan is over £1 million
  • The property value is over £5 million
  • The property is on a remote location, and we need to amend the valuation fee
  • The address is not registered on our systems
  • The property may suffer from coastal erosion

How is an illustration referred?

The system automatically directs quotes meeting the referral criteria to our pre-sales support team to review. This happens whether you request an illustration through your preferred research portal or directly through the Aviva Adviser website.

The exception is if you have a special deal, in which case you will need to email our pre-sales support team at with the property and loan details. 

How will I know when an illustration has been referred?

Your research portal and the Aviva Adviser website will show any illustration referrals as being at that stage The screenshot below shows how this looks in the Aviva Adviser website:


If you see a referral message like this, you won’t be able to download an illustration (KFI) until we’ve looked into it and decided whether we can accept the case. 

If I see an indicative interest on screen, will this be guaranteed under the 21-day quote guarantee?

No, the indicative interest rate and loan values on screen won’t be guaranteed until we have assessed the case and decided to accept the case. At that point, we’ll base the quote on prevailing rates.

When will I find out if you’ve accepted a referral?

We’ll contact you as soon as we’ve looked into why the quote was referred. We’ll either accept or decline the quote. Either way, we will contact you with further details, usually within 24-48 hours.

What happens when you accept a referral?

Once we’ve emailed you to confirm we’re accepting the quote, you can generate an illustration and download a KFI through our Aviva Adviser website.

How do I download an illustration in the Aviva Adviser website?

1.     Login with your OAN and password

2.     Click on Equity Release tab

3.     Click on Equity Release Tracking

4.     Select the client case from the list (it will show as Illustration Issued in the stage column)

5.     Illustration details will be shown on screen – scroll down to Download Illustration blue button

6.     Click on Download Illustration to generate the illustration (KFI)

What if I’ve requested an illustration for a case over £5 million?

We won’t be able to give you an online quote for a case over £5 million. Instead, you will see this message: 

For these cases, you must ignore the rates and loan values shown on screen and email details of the property and loan to

Our sales support experts will assess whether we can accept the case. If we do, we'll confirm by email to you. You can then log in to the adviser website, retrieve the quote and continue to generate and download an illustration.

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