Introducing a signature free process for annuity applications

Given the changing circumstances due to COVID-19 restrictions, we understand the challenges you face with reagrds to your contact approach with customers. 

That’s why at Aviva, we’ve introduced a signature free process for you to use with customers for all annuity applications. 

Our signature free process will remove the need for you to obtain a customer signature, reducing the time needed before submitting the application to Aviva.

What products can I use the signature free process with?

You can use the signature free process on all annuity products for both advised and non-advised business (excludes Long Term Care products).

How do I use the signature free process with my client?

Our annuity application form is available for you to use with new customers.

  • To replace a signature on the application form, we will accept the following statement emailed from a customer;

‘I would like to proceed with the annuity application for quote reference XXXX with XXXX provider. Please accept this email as my authority to proceed and my confirmation of agreement to the declarations and consent given in the attached application form’

With each application you send us you are required to;

  • Ensure the customer declaration is included within your instructions to us
  • The customers declaration email should be sent from the customer’s email address as stated on the application form
  • We should be able to clearly see that the email has been sent from the customer’s email address
  • Your completed application can be sent to us at 
  • Please also ensure that the quote reference in the emailed declaration matches the quote reference detailed in the application form to avoid any delays with processing. 

We reserve the right to ask for a client signature should we have any concerns.

What if my client has medical conditions?

  • You can continue to use the signature free process on all cases in the same way as non-medical cases
  • If we select a case for post-sales underwriting, we will contact the customer to request a wet signature at that stage which allows us to collect the necessary medical information from the GP
Who can I contact for queries on this process?

Please contact;

Pre Sales enquiries;

New Business enquiries;
Are there any instances where a wet signature is still required?
  • Where the policyholder will be the trustee of the plan rather than the life assured, we will continue to need sight of a wet signature from the trustee 
  • Should the ceding scheme not allow transfer of monies without sight of an original signature, we may need to contact the customer to request this.