Luna Investment Management (an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management)



Luna is an appointed representative of Thornbridge Investment Management, and it is Thornbridge that appears on the platform as the discretionary manager.

Who is Luna Investment Management?

Luna is a specialist investment management firm based in Manchester, yet serving clients throughout the UK.  Although a relatively new entrant to the UK investment management industry, Luna can boast a pedigree provided by its team of investment management professionals who are highly regarded by their clients and industry peers.  This team has in excess of 150 years of combined experience in the provision of bespoke, discretionary investment management services to a variety of clients and their advisors. Together they have managed in excess of £1billion of client investments.

Why invest in the Luna MPS?

  • Luna have highly experienced Fund Managers and a pedigree in managing discretionary managed Model Portfolio Service 
  • Luna is a small firm that gives flexibility in decision making and access to smaller investment vehicles. For example, we don't wait until a fund hits £50m or £100m like some of the larger players that need to because of their size. 
  • Managed by people that understand markets

There to support you and your clients; presentations, ad hoc reporting and performance requests.


For more information on the Luna MPS (including factsheets), please visit the dedicated page on the website:

Below is the key information on the Luna MPS; 

  • Three types; Active MPS, ESG MPS and Passive MPS
  • Each have five different risk profiles. Luna 1 being the lowest risk and Luna 5 being the highest risk.
  • The active MPS invests in mainly active funds and the portfolio OCF is capped at 0.6%
  • The passive MPS invests in index-tracking funds and the portfolio OCF is capped at 0.3%

Rebalance schedule

The Model Portfolios are rebalanced quarterly. 


Luna charge a 0.25% AMC (+ VAT) for Active and ESG MPS and 0.2% (+ VAT) for Passive MPS..


The MPS is managed by the Luna Chief Investment Officer, Alex Brandreth, and supported by the wider Luna Investment Committee. Alex's details are below:

0161 518 3500
07593 137 993

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