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AJ Bell Asset Management offer a broad range of investment solutions covering a range of passive, active, blended, and responsible Managed Portfolio Services. The passive portfolios are also available in a fund structure so that our solutions can dovetail with your service proposition.  The three tenets that drive the team are “simple, transparent and low cost”. As such, all of the investment solutions we build have this as their cornerstone philosophy.  We aim to differentiate ourselves across three key pillars:

Cost – all AJ Bell products charge a 0.15% management fee (payable to AJ Bell). This makes us one of the lowest cost asset managers.

Choice – we offer a wide range of solutions including options on how the portfolio is held (MPS or Fund), how it is implemented (Active, Passive, Pactive, Responsible) and the investment need (growth or income).  We believe this means we can be used as a central investment proposition to clients covering the entirety of an adviser’s client base, making us well aligned with PROD.

Communication – we focus on both pre-sale and post-sale communication. We contact advisers when any changes are made and deliver full disclosure of our MPS holdings (unlike our rivals who often only disclose top positions). We also focus on delivering communications across as many channels as possible including our website, emails and through audio visual content, as well as business relationship managers across the UK who are dedicated to supporting you and your business.


Rebalance schedule

Active Passive Blended (Pactive) Responsible
Active MPS 1 Passive MPS 1 Pactive MPS 1 Responsible MPS 1
Active MPS 2 Passive MPS 2 Pactive MPS 2 Responsible MPS 2
Active MPS 3 Passive MPS 3 Pactive MPS 3 Responsible MPS 3
Active MPS 4 Passive MPS 4 Pactive MPS 4 Responsible MPS 4
Active MPS 5 Passive MPS 5 Pactive MPS 5 Responsible MPS 5
Active MPS 6 Passive MPS 6 Pactive MPS 6 Responsible MPS 6
Active MPS Income 1 Passive MPS Income 1    
Active MPS Income 2 Passive MPS Income 2    

Quarterly, every January, April, July and October


0.15% pa

Consumer Duty

Fair Value and Target Market information can be found here


Brian Donald – Investments Business Development Manager (South)


07593 572512

Andrew Adshead - Investments Business Development Manager (North)


07593 450991

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