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abrdn’s Managed Portfolio Service offers a comprehensive investment solution, featuring a range of investment styles to suit different client needs and risk profiles. It offers investors access to institutional investment and research capabilities; discretionary investment management from abrdn works closely with the abrdn Investments Multi-Asset Investing Team for asset allocation guidance and the abrdn Multi-Manager Strategies Team for fund research.

All portfolios are widely diversified and funds are selected on a whole-of-market basis. The Investment Team use a blend of active and passive funds, depending on their view of which asset classes and fund managers have the potential to outperform passive solutions.


abrdn Managed Portfolio Service offers a comprehensive investment solution.  It features a choice of risk-graded portfolios offering three distinct approaches; Conventional, Enhanced Diversification and Target Return.

Rebalance schedule

Rebalancing is triggered when assets move out of specified tolerance ranges.


abrdn levies a discretionary fee for MPS of 0.3% per annum.

Contact details

Jim Stacey

Head of Intermediary Business Development 


07712 485394

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