Charles Stanley



Charles Stanley can trace its origins directly back to 1792 and was first registered as a member of the London Stock Exchange in 1852. It has developed its regional presence and currently has over 20 branches across the UK. The Group has no international offices. A more detailed history of the group can be found here.

Charles Stanley & Co. Limited (“Charles Stanley”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Charles Stanley Group PLC (“the Group”), a public company whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (CAY.L).


Dynamic Passive: Blended Managed Multi Manager Total Return Multi Manager Income
Dynamic Passive 1 Blended 1 Multi Manager Total Return 1 Multi Manager Income 1
Dynamic Passive 2 Blended 2 Multi Manager Total Return 2 Multi Manager Income 2
Dynamic Passive 3 Blended 3 Multi Manager Total Return 3 Multi Manager Income 3
Dynamic Passive 4 Blended 4 Multi Manager Total Return 4 Multi Manager Income 4
Dynamic Passive 5 Blended 5 Multi Manager Total Return 5 Multi Manager Income 5

Rebalance schedule

Ad-hoc as necessary


Dynamic Passive - 0.21% + VAT for all models

Multi Manager – 0.30% + VAT for all models

Blended Managed – 0.25% + VAT for all models


Jeremy Hippolite – Email: T: 07989 704 036

Steve Hill – Email: T: 07867 908 638

Main Office Tel: 020 3930 1425

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