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City Asset Management specialise in ‘real return investing’. Our portfolios are all managed on an Inflation plus approach - for example Real 4 targets returns of CPI + 4% per annum and aims to outperform inflation plus 4% per annum over the investment cycle. Our award winning approach aims to grow our clients’ real wealth at a risk level appropriate to them and is generally more suited to clients who have either accumulated wealth, have a lower capacity for loss, are nearing, or are in retirement.


CAM invests on a true multi–asset basis, using a wider range of investment instruments than most Discretionary Investment Managers.  We are free from the constraints of managing around a fixed asset allocation and can therefore use a client’s risk budget more broadly.

CAM’s models are mapped to DT, Defaqto and Finametrica during 2021 they will obtain a 10-year track record. There are four models available that map to DT4 through to DT6. These mandates aim to outperform, CPI +2% / CPI+3% / CPI+4% - for simplicity they are named Real 2, Real 3, and Real 4.

We have consistently won 5* awards from Defaqto on both model and bespoke investing.

In 2021 the MPS service has been awarded 5 diamonds. Real return investing is a client outcome-focused approach.

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