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EQ is an award-winning discretionary fund manager focused on sustainable and impact investing with over 10 years’ experience in the field. We build partnerships with advisers in the UK and across the globe, offering active and passive sustainable investment solutions.

The EQ Positive Impact Portfolios have been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a retail impact investing portfolio for over 8 years. It aims to deliver market-beating returns by investing in products and services that help to solve global social and environmental problems. This is achieved through the selection of actively managed funds.

The EQ Future Leaders Portfolios combines investors’ growing preference for socially responsible portfolios with the increasing popularity of low-cost passive funds. The EQ Future Leaders portfolios select the most sustainable companies based on published Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) data. They also use thematic funds to provide an overweight to sustainable sectors (clean energy, healthcare or green bonds).


Sustainable active MPS – 8 risk profiles

  • EQ Positive Impact Defensive
  • EQ Positive Impact Cautious
  • EQ Positive Impact Cautious Plus
  • EQ Positive Impact Balanced
  • EQ Positive Impact Balanced Plus
  • EQ Positive Impact Adventurous
  • EQ Positive Impact Adventurous Plus
  • EQ Positive Impact All Equity

 Sustainable passive MPS – 8 risk profiles

  • EQ Future Leaders Defensive
  • EQ Future Leaders Cautious
  • EQ Future Leaders Cautious Plus
  • EQ Future Leaders Balanced
  • EQ Future Leaders Balanced Plus
  • EQ Future Leaders Adventurous
  • EQ Future Leaders Adventurous Plus
  • EQ Future Leaders All Equity 

Rebalance schedule



EQ Positive Impact Portfolios:

  •  0.32% - 0.18% (no VAT) depending on AUM 

EQ Future Leaders Portfolios:

0.24% - 0.10% (no VAT) depending on AUM


Email: positive@eqinvestors.co.uk

Tel: 0207 488 7110

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