Hawksmoor Investment Management

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Hawksmoor Investment Management is an independent boutique investment manager. We are headquartered in Exeter, with offices across the South West, London and East of England. 

Hawksmoor is focussed on providing outsourced investment solutions to Financial Advisers. In addition to Model Portfolios, we offer bespoke discretionary management, a BPR-based AIM Portfolio Service and a range of funds of funds. We have a strong capability in Sustainable investments. Our suitability and portfolio construction processes are designed to dovetail with those of the IFA, to ensure that our portfolios perform as promoted and expected.


Our range of Model Portfolios are designed to provide a solution for every client. We have twelve models, based on equity content and portfolio objective. To be as transparent as possible, each model carries the range of equity weight in its title: Cautious (0-40% Equity), Moderate (40-60% Equity), Adventurous (60-80% Equity) and Equity Risk (80-100% Equity). For each of these there is a choice of three objectives: Core (seeks returns from a combination of capital growth and income), Higher Income (seeks returns primarily from income) and Sustainable World (seeks returns from sustainable and positive impact investments). 

  • Cautious (0-40% Equity) Core Model Portfolio
  • Cautious (0-40% Equity) Higher Income Model Portfolio
  • Cautious (0-40% Equity) Sustainable World Model Portfolio
  • Moderate (40-60% Equity) Core Model Portfolio
  • Moderate (40-60% Equity) Higher Income Model Portfolio
  • Moderate (40-60% Equity) Sustainable World Model Portfolio
  • Adventurous (60-80% Equity) Core Model Portfolio
  • Adventurous (60-80% Equity) Higher Income Model Portfolio
  • Adventurous (60-80% Equity) Sustainable World Model Portfolio
  • Equity Risk (80-100% Equity) Core Model Portfolio
  • Equity Risk (80-100% Equity) Higher Income Model Portfolio
  • Equity Risk (80-100% Equity) Sustainable World Model Portfolio 

All our Model Portfolios are constructed according to disciplined control of asset allocation and risk, using the same processes as our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service. We also leverage the fund research expertise of our award-winning Fund Management team.

Our Portfolios are long-only and multi-asset. We aim to be efficiently diversified and our portfolios typically hold up to twenty funds. We will keep cash holdings to a minimum, believing that the split of a client’s assets between cash and the investment portfolio is the decision of the Adviser. We will also react appropriately to market conditions, but will keep weightings within their specified tolerances. 

Our Portfolios are constructed with a mind to be as cost-efficient as possible, but not to the extent of compromising quality or performance.

The management team is Jim Wood-Smith, James Clark, Ian Woolley and Ben Luck. 
Hawksmoor’s MPS holds a Defaqto 5 Star and 4 Diamond rating. Our Discretionary Portfolio Management is also Defaqto 5 Star rated. Our MI Hawksmoor Vanbrugh Fund was Winner Best Multi-Asset Fund: Long-Term Growth in the Professional Adviser Awards 2019.

Key Features

  • Range of 12 portfolios
  • Choice of 4 risk levels and 3 objectives
  • Transparent naming
  • Expertise in Sustainable investments
  • Disciplined and transparent portfolio construction
  • Risk-rated by Defaqto and DT
  • Accessible management team, available for meetings with Advisers and clients


  • No minimum investment
  • Monthly factsheets

Rebalance schedule

There is no fixed rebalancing schedule, instead we choose to make amendments and rebalance our Model Portfolios when deemed necessary. Although models will be assessed, at least, quarterly.


The Annual Management Charge for the Hawksmoor Model Portfolio Service is 0.25% + VAT.

Contact details

Jill Gill:


0139 241 0180

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