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IBOSS is a boutique asset management company, providing cost-effective, innovative and adaptive investment solutions exclusively to the financial adviser marketplace.

We only deal with professional financial advisers and planners, as we firmly believe clients benefit from financial advice when making long term investment decisions, and therefore we don’t deal directly with retail investors.

The company was established in 2008, the founders of IBOSS all previously held senior positions within advisory firms and had grown frustrated with the available investment solutions available to advisers.

Our website contains multiple testimonials from long term IBOSS users who provide details of their experiences using IBOSS investment services and products.

Our original investment solution was the IBOSS Limited Portfolio Management Service (PMS). Seven risk-rated model portfolios were constructed in 2006 by Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director and Co-Founder of IBOSS. These model portfolios continue to offer excellent risk-conscious returns.


IBOSS Asset Management offers an active Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) and a Passive Managed Portfolio Service (Passive MPS).

The IBOSS ethos remains the same across both discretionary investment solutions; aiming to beat the relevant benchmarks over as many time periods as possible, with less than benchmark volatility across all risk ratings.

The actively managed discretionary range consists of eight risk-rated model portfolios that mirror the excellent and highly successful PMS. We invest across equities, bonds, property and cash, taking a highly diversified approach, holding between 35 and 40 funds in each portfolio. Each holding is established at a minimum 1% weighting and a maximum 4% weighting. Both onshore and offshore funds are considered.

The passive managed discretionary range consists of seven risk-rated model portfolios, closely mirroring the asset allocation of the PMS, but built primarily using passive and index funds. We invest across equities, bonds, property and cash, taking a highly diversified approach, holding between 15 and 30 funds in each portfolio. Each holding is established at a minimum 1% weighting and a maximum 8% weighting. Again, both onshore and offshore funds are considered.

  Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)  Passive Managed Portfolio Service (Pasive MPS) 
Investment Solution An active model portfolio service, consisting of 8 risk-rated portfolios A passively managed portfolio service, consisting of 7 risk-rated portfolios
Fund Selection Active and passive funds
currently circa 80% active
Passive funds but small use of active funds for balanced asset allocation
Portfolio /Fund Charges OCF capped at 0.60% (Excluding Equity Portfolio)
OCF capped at 0.12%
IBOSS Service Charge DFM fee 0.2% + VAT
DFM fee 0.12% + VAT
Management Basis Discretionary
Exclusive access to the IBOSS Investment Team Yes Yes
White Labelled Client Communication Service Optional (No additional cost) Optional (No additional cost)
Benchmark IA Mixed Investment Sectors
IA Mixed Investment Sectors 
Past Performance*
Outstanding performance track record
over more than 10 years**
Strong track record in the underlying asset
allocation model**

Rebalance Schedule

Quarterly – February, May, August and November.


Active MPS – DFM fee 0.2% +VAT / OCF capped at 0.60% (excluding Equity Portfolio)
Passive MPS – DFM fee 0.12% +VAT / OCF capped at 0.12%

Contact details

For more information about IBOSS, please contact one of our Business Development Managers below or visit
our website;

Kevin Morrison: 07891 814345 kevin@ibossltd.co.uk

Tracey Atkin: 07719 327524 tracey@ibossltd.co.uk

Carl Rowbury: 07885 621226 carl@ibossltd.co.uk

Tanya Legge: 07902 307277 tanya@ibossltd.co.uk

Website: www.ibossam.com

01423 878840

Email: enquiries@ibossltd.co.uk

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