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Marlborough is one of the UK’s leading independently owned investment management specialists and has earned a succession of awards for skilled active management across a range of key asset classes.

Alongside our single-strategy funds investing in assets including UK equities, international equities and fixed interest we offer a range of risk-graded multi-asset funds and a managed portfolio service.

We have been managing money for more than 30 years and our consistent growth has been built on our reputation for investment excellence and our commitment to working in partnership with advisers to help them build their businesses and better serve their clients.

The latest stage in our evolution came in November 2021, with the merger of Marlborough Fund Managers and Marlborough Investment Management to create the single investment management company we are today, which is simply called Marlborough.


The Marlborough Managed Portoflio Service offers a set of 15 bespoke portfolios featuring core and sustainable (ESG friendly) variations. 

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Raj Manon - Portfolio Manager:

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