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Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research. Financial advisers and other investment professionals turn to Morningstar for tools that help them research, analyse and present their investment ideas. Drawing from our global resources, Morningstar Investment Management Europe has developed Morningstar® Managed Portfolios and Morningstar® Governed Portfolios. These portfolios are intended for citizens or legal residents of the United Kingdom and can only be made available through the use of an authorised Investment Adviser.

We combine risk profiling, renowned asset-allocation research, value oriented investment selection and professional investment expertise in our Portfolios. We use unbiased, objective research from Morningstar to create a range of portfolio options for clearly defined risk profiles. Each portfolio we create is built for the long term and managed with a keen eye on risk. Our managed portfolio services can help enhance your investment offerings, strengthen client relationships and streamline your business.

Together, we bring your clients the best of both worlds: a plan that you’ve tailored to their goals with the advantages of professional portfolio management.


Active Portfolio Range:
Morningstar Cautious Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Adventurous Active Portfolio
Morningstar Adventurous Active Portfolio

Passive Portfolio Range:
Morningstar Cautious Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Adventurous Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Adventurous Passive Portfolio

Income Portfolio Range:
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Income Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Income Portfolio

Governed Portfolio Range:
Governed Portfolio - Cautious Growth
Governed Portfolio - Moderately Cautious Growth
Governed Portfolio - Moderate Growth
Governed Portfolio - Moderately Adventurous Growth
Governed Portfolio - Adventurous Growth
Governed Portfolio - Moderately Cautious Income

Rebalance schedule

At the discretion of the portfolio manager.


  • Active and Income = 0.30%
  • Passive Portfolio = 0.20%
  • Governed Portfolios = 0.15%

Contact details

Managed Portfolios Team

+44 (0)203 107 2930

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