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Since our launch in 2010, Verbatim has had one simple investment philosophy: to provide investment solutions that consistently meet both your and your clients’ expectations. All of the Verbatim investment solutions follow a clear mandate to deliver strong performance against a proven asset allocation, based on a set risk profile. We appoint the industry’s top managers to run our investment solutions to a strict mandate.

To ensure that our solutions continue to meet your and your clients’ expectations we employ a team of leading industry experts to form part of our independent Investment Committee. All of our investment solutions are overseen by our independent Investment Committee, which brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the governance and oversight for all of our investment solutions.

The Verbatim Managed Model Portfolio service is designed to provide the adviser with access to industry leading managed model portfolios that operate in conjunction with their advice process. Our model portfolios are designed to ensure that the adviser retains control of the client relationship, whilst we ensure that the client’s portfolios remain suitably aligned with the investment advice.


Our Managed Model Portfolios are designed to provide the adviser and client with:

  • Access to specialist investment research and timely active management through our leading portfolio managers RSMR and Square Mile.
  • Monthly portfolio rebalance that avoids portfolio drift and results in less administrative headaches, increased efficiencies for your business and reassurance that your client’s portfolio will be kept in line with the mandated range of risk tolerance.
  • Access to independent and in-depth performance reports that provide you with a transparent view of statistical analysis.
  • Accessibility on a variety of leading retail platforms.

RSM Models Square Mile Models
RSMR - Verbatim 2 Square Mile - Verbatim 3
RSMR - Verbatim 3
Square Mile - Verbatim 4
RSMR - Verbatim 4
Square Mile - Verbatim 5
RSMR - Verbatim 5
Square Mile - Verbatim 6
RSMR - Verbatim 6
Square Mile - Verbatim 7
RSMR - Verbatim 7
RSMR - Verbatim 8
RSMR - Verbatim 9
RSMR - Verbatim 10

Rebalance schedule

Monthly - 15th


0.25% + VAT

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