Going for the triple win

Neil Lemmon, one of our a Strategic Account Managers, gives us insight into his role and how he operates on the mantra of win:win:win.

Neil Lemmon, Strategic Account Manager
Neil Lemmon, Strategic Account Manager

I am a Strategic Account Manager at Aviva. My role is supporting the growth of both the company and our largest distribution partners, across all our propositions. We operate on the mantra of win:win:win – we are looking at how we can get a win for Aviva, a win for the adviser and a win for the customer. Where this isn’t happening, we look at ways to make it work for everyone.

No two days are the same

My role covers lots of different areas, so there’s always something new or different to tackle. I can be supporting an internal project one day, then switching to launching a plan alongside an intermediary, before finishing off the week by hosting an industry event. I really enjoy working alongside our distribution partners to help them understand and invest in their business ambitions.

Lining up the ducks in a row

Before the pandemic hit, I helped a customer complete his lifetime mortgage application to a very tight deadline. The customer wanted to use the money from his equity release to provide a deposit for his grandson, who was buying his first house. There was pressure from the grandson’s vendors and solicitors to get the deposit secured and our customer was anxious to get everything completed as soon as possible.

My job was to escalate the application and get everyone on the same page and working together. We had the operational team, two sets of solicitors (the customer’s and Aviva’s), the customer and their financial adviser, who was a massive help. With emails flying back and forth and the phone ringing hot we were able to finalise the application and release the funds in time. The customer’s grandson completed the purchase of his house just a few days later.

It takes Aviva

I’m proud of the work I do and the difference I make, not just to Aviva and our big partners, but also to individuals like our customer and his grandson. I can see that the work I do is having a real, tangible effect and this brings me a great deal of personal satisfaction. Our distribution partners are integral to the work we do at Aviva and I’m happy to play my part in that process.