Four years of our Smooth Managed Funds

It’s been four years since we first launched the Smooth Managed Fund (SMF) on our Pension Portfolio. Since then, we’ve added the funds to our Select Investment Bond and more recently we expanded our range to offer SMF on the ISA Portfolio too. Making SMF available to so many customers demonstrates how confident we are in the funds' ability to deliver a smoothed investment experience through even the most turbulent of times. 

Giving clients some certainty for their investments

The SMF offers a degree of reliability that your clients may be searching for – offering a smoother ride through stock market ups and downs. Its expected growth rates are linked to the Bank of England Base Rate, so it could offer a level of reassurance for those worried about the impact of low interest and high inflation on their investments. 

Recommend the SMF with confidence

The SMF is now well established in the market – as an integral part of the Aviva brand, you know you’re recommending a fund with the financial strength of one of the UK’s largest insurers. It’s available on our platform, making it easy to view your clients’ holdings and process transactions. And if you need any help, you’re expertly supported by our specialist SMF team.

Take a look at the SMF’s performance

  • The Pension and ISA Smooth Managed Fund has delivered its Smooth Growth Rate in it's full four year performance.* For full details of the SMF’s  performance head over to the Smooth Managed Hub – it also holds lots of information, guides and support materials. 
  • If you'd like to learn more about Smoothed Funds while earning 45 minutes of CPD, watch our recent Smoothed Solutions Webinar.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of the investment in the Smooth Managed Funds can go down as well as up, and investors may get back less than they put in.

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*Smooth Growth Rate – the Smoothed Price for the Smooth Managed Fund will normally increase each day in line with the Smooth Growth Rate. For the Pension and ISA Smooth Managed Fund the Smooth Growth Rate is equal to the Bank of England Base Rate +5% per year (minus the fund charge).