Connecting the Aviva Platform and intermediaries through Origo

Efficiency is key to your business success. When it comes to providing a modern-day service to your clients, you need to be sure you’re making the best use of the available technology, in the least amount of time. We’ve been working hard to make the Aviva Platform better for you and your clients.

At the very centre of your technology is your client data – without it, there would be no business. This is where Aviva can help.

We’ve been a supporter of the Origo Integration Hub (OIH) since its inception in 2018. The OIH does exactly what its name suggests: it allows us to direct all our services to one central hub, from which software suppliers can collect the data they need and deliver it to their client – you.

We can provide integrated data services to any software supplier or intermediary who is also developing their own CRM software, when they become an integrated partner of the OIH. The OIH forms a key part of our technology strategy, helping us give maximum value to your business; and it benefits us by enabling us to manage our services in a far more efficient, cost-effective way – a win/win for everyone!

The OIH has made it simpler for us to offer our services, whilst also increasing the diversity of those services we provide. Plus, it’s easier for you to access the data you need, drastically cutting down your number of connections to services and providers.

Ultimately, the hub has created the opportunity for you to achieve greater, more meaningful client engagement, by making your client data easier to access. The challenge now is to grow the number of suppliers on the OIH, bringing opportunities for them and for you.

If you want to find out how to access the OIH and its services, please contact your usual Aviva representative and your software supplier.

We offer over 119 individual integrations across 24 software suppliers. We integrate with each taking various services either point to point or via the Origo Integration Hub (OIH), or both. You can check the services we provide to your software supplier, along with support/helpdesk contact details, by clicking here.