ESG: Know How – CPD accredited support

ESG: Know How – CPD accredited support

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We understand the push from regulation and consumer demand is increasing pressure on financial advisers to know how ESG investing works, know how the regulatory changes will affect your businesses, and know how to talk to your clients about ESG. That’s why we have created ‘ESG: Know How’. The purpose of the programme is to provide you with regulatory support, access to industry experts and a place to share challenges.

ESG: Know how is broken down into five CPD accredited modular-based training events running throughout November, each one is designed to help you navigate the ESG landscape, understand the questions you should be asking of your providers, and provide guidance on how to talk to your clients about ESG.

Please click here to register for module 1: The evolution of the ESG revolution

Details of the other available modules are below.

1. The evolution of the ESG revolution

The driving forces behind the ESG revolution. Where did it all start, what is it, and what’s the current state of play? 

Speakers: Steve Waygood & Apiramy Jeyarajah

Host: Shane Obrien

2: The regulation which is transforming the finance industry

This isn’t a tick box exercise anymore. Current and future regulations will have a dramatic impact on not only your firm but also the industry as a whole.

Speakers: Thomas Tayler & Steve Waygood

Host: Rachel Harris

3: The key sustainable threats that we face today

Environmental, social and governance issues, such as climate change, inequality and biodiversity will have a profound impact to our lives and those of future generations.

Speakers: Marte Borhaug, Mirza Baig

Host: Caroline Galligan

4: The many faces of ESG in asset management

ESG investing cannot be pigeonholed as one investment approach. In this module we’ll discuss the different approaches currently being used in the market.

Speakers: Marte Borhaug, Mirza Baig 
Host: Kunal Oak 

5: ESG’s place in financial planning 

We discuss some practical ideas, with industry experts, to help you integrate ESG into your financial planning business. 

Speakers: Steve Waygood, Industry Expert (TBD)

Host: Thomas Stokes


Details of how to register for the remaining four modules will be provided closer to the time.

Register here for module 1

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