Uncertainty Experts Webinar - tips for managing your and your clients' uncertainty

1 hour CPD webinar

Uncertainty Experts Webinar

In this rapidly changing economic climate, open mindedness, being comfortable with ambiguity and divergent thinking are essential skills for future financial planning. Our guest speaker and uncertainty expert, Sam Conniff, has utilised research conducted by neuroscientists and psychologists at UCL, in his aim to galvanise people into making better decisions, solving complex problems confidently and taking inspired action. During this webinar Sam will discuss how advisers can become experts in uncertainty. He proposes to equip advisers with the tools to both navigate uncertainty and use it to drive growth and new business opportunities with clients. 

Learning objectives:

  • How uncertainty can be used as a positive force for the current generation of clients.
  • How and why uncertainty can be used to overcome challenges and psychological barriers within clients’ financial planning.
  • How to embrace uncertainty for the longer term.

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