Paying claims and going beyond the numbers for those we protect

We’re delighted to present the 2024 edition of the Individual Protection Claims and Wellbeing Insight Report

Paying out claims lies at the core of our mission. We assist our customers during challenging periods, enabling them to anticipate a better tomorrow. Our Claims and Wellbeing Insight Report presents the statistics that narrate our journey, providing transparent data that illustrates how we positively impacted our customers during their crucial moments of 2023.

"The scale and consistency of payments we make across tens of thousands of claims, is testament to the crucial financial support we provide to our customers. But behind the numbers are our customers, each with unique stories. And each with a claims handler to support them through their journey."

"Our help might be identifying opportunities to offer rehabilitation, signposting to services and information from Macmillan Cancer Support or sending a gift to brighten their day. " Jacqueline Kerwood - Head of Claims Strategy and Governance

For us, the claim is more than a financial payment. We go beyond insurance to help support the people we protect.

Jacqueline Kerwood Head of Claims Strategy and Governance

In 2023:

  • £1.18bn paid out in claims benefit
  • 50,631 claims paid
  • £3.2m paid on average every day

Our report goes beyond the numbers. It offers invaluable insights to help you refine your client offerings and enhance your business. It delves into individual stories that lie behind the statistics, providing a deeper understanding of the impact behind the data:

  • 23.9% of all income protection claims were for mental health
  • 81% of the people receiving rehabilitation for their mental health returned to work after our help and support

Discover what employees and their families are claiming for, which wellbeing services they’re utilising, the most prevalent reasons for new claims, and the effectiveness of rehabilitation services in facilitating employees’ return to work. It’s all included, and much more:

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