Your new equity release online quote, apply and business tracking system is here!

Making new business initial borrowing easier

We’re rolling out our new Equity Release online quote, apply and new business tracking system

Four key deliverables:

  1. Get real time rates to suit you, 24/7.
  2. Create new business initial borrowing illustrations (KFIs) for your clients. No need to email requests or wait for our call lines to open.
  3. Submit new business initial borrowing applications online.
  4. Track your clients’ new business applications in real time, from submission to completion

More added value for advisers

By providing straight-through processing and automated underwriting, we’re confident that this will improve our operational efficiency.  Our new system frees up time for our Customer Experts and Property Surveyors - creating the potential for faster lending decisions on more complex cases..

From the launch date we are also removing our £5 arrangement fee, which will show as £0.00 on the Key Facts Illustration (KFI). In addition, we’re working on even more tech capability which is coming soon, such as additional borrowing quotes and applications.

We developed a series of supporting articles on these improvements in our Equity Release online support hub, where you’ll find: 

Videos on our digital


from getting a quote to

submitting an application

How to track valuation


New 21 day rate


on initial borrowing


How to keep track

of your clientsʼ new

business applications


When to expect email


Due dilligence

on the reasons for new

loans, in accordance with

Consumer Duty guidance

Who to contact

for additional support

Got a question?

We have a series of

frequently asked

questions to help you

How to process

additional borrowing and

product switch/rebroke


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